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for Will you Shut up?

9/4/2005 c1 103Unready
very good
9/1/2005 c1 the writer 2005
its kinda weird no offense but sometimes i feel the same way
8/24/2005 c1 168SeaVoi
I like your use of underlined and bold words and lines, it really adds something.
8/22/2005 c1 13KwazyKandyPie
very good, i like it! i like these lines,"I can't take this...

So I stood and yelled...

"Shut up!"

Everyone stared at me everyone was dead slient.

Finally a little peace...

I shead a tear, a tear of joy.

This is what I always wanted"

keep up the great work. -kwazykandypie AKA Kelly Ann-
8/21/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
There's never no silence...any

very cool formatting... I like it a lot
8/21/2005 c1 44putz-6
This is a great poem I can kind of relate to it ^_^ Also thanks for the review.
8/21/2005 c1 33aeolyn
Wow. Lots of emotions in this poem. Loved the fact that it's easy to relate too. There were a few typos, but not much.

In the line "Do these people understand the meaning of the word quite?" did you mean "quiet"?

"I shead a tear, a tear of joy." Maybe "shed a tear"?

other than that, great job!

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