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4/23/2007 c5 4Nereids
I loved your story, its very interesting! I think you should have lin get back to the inn ;p Update soon! :D
1/10/2007 c5 Chandle
hey great start and to answer your question i think that you should get lin to go back to the inn.. it would spice it up with giselle being on her back eg.. n whateva else you got planned.. cant wait!
9/14/2006 c2 2Ghost Love Score
I LOVE it! Please keep writing!
9/10/2006 c4 2hippychick19
I would love to be your beta and I think the story's working out perfectly already.
9/1/2006 c1 8somuchformyhappyending
Okay! So here I am, I read the prologue which is definitely a start, right? lol...I really like how you started this and usually I hate when authors are speaking to the readers, but you did it pretty damn well so I think it added a good effect. I really liked how you ended it, it kinda made you wonder about the maids and stuff...so I like your writing style very much! I'll finish the story later, I PROMISE! but I gotta go read 509 pages before school starts of this super long. And school starts on tues. so get what I mean? lol...At least it's my last year of middle school...
4/14/2006 c5 2pan0gwen
... A CLIFFHANGER! NO! Please update soon! this is getting really really GOOD!
4/14/2006 c5 19Olivine
are you kidding? is that seriously a question? you gotta make her stay until the first ball! dont make her go back to being a maid...yet...

your spelling was fine, and so was sentence structure. detail, too.

and im wondering, now, whats going to happen. (at the same time hoping you wont make her go back to the inn)

keep on writing ~~Wintertigress-:|:-
4/13/2006 c5 5clair-a-net
i want her to stay with the prince, but for the story if would probible be a better plot if she went back.

ah you cant leave it like that, its so mean, i hate cliff hangers. will he finally find out who she is? more soon.
2/28/2006 c4 19Olivine
yea, i was actually going to suggest a beta. id offer, but -no offense, or anything- im not willing to give my emal address to someone i dont know. but good luck find one.

anyways, yes, im sorry its taken forever for me to come and review, but im here, now! :) wow, ive forgotten how awesome the story was.

and its getting even better. update soon! keep on writing ~~Wintertigress-:|:-
1/27/2006 c4 w0lgangx
1/24/2006 c4 5clair-a-net
oh good stuff. what is to happen after her bathroom trip? how does she know the prince? please update soon.
1/23/2006 c4 13XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Very good start you have here. Its a little rough in areas but definitly improving as each chapter goes on. Fantastic job! Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews on the Assassin of Kevari. They mean so much *hugz* Keep up the great work!
1/18/2006 c4 2Once upon a smile
Wonderful! Can't wait to read more, I would be awful as a beta reader because i miss mistakes totally, on my work or anybody elses but i thought this was great, really good fun to read!
1/17/2006 c4 3Varena
I must start by saying that this is really a great story so far! A few things I think you should look out for...(not trying to shoot you down, but to help out)...watch grammer and spelling. Also, You started out in third person telling the story, then suddenly switched to first person which was confusing till I figured out what happened. Some of the grammer was confusing and I had to re-read a few things to understand them. But like I said at the start, this is really a great story so far! Keep up the great work!
12/28/2005 c3 13AngelsWillFall
Hey! i really like it! keep it up! thanks for the review on kaida girl assasin! cant wait to see the next chapter
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