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for my passion

12/2/2005 c1 132samwise606
Wow, this makes me very hungry. I love pizza, and I thought I was passionate about it, but you are much more so than I am! Good job! The descriptive writing was good, it must have been since it can actually make people hungry...Keep up the good work!-Samwise
11/25/2005 c1 Needa S
hilarious... I likes pizza too. ~_^ Thank ya for the review. Keep writing.
10/12/2005 c1 maxnotevoltage
Hahaha... I wish I could say I knew the answer to that question of a lifetime. But unfortunately, writer, I am afraid that food is not my expertise.

This was a hilarious read! I love the way you tell a story. I'll have to read more from you... :-P - J.max
10/1/2005 c1 3Lady Isaiah
O.O. Kae-chan. Very descriptive. It flowed almost too well. Thsi piece of writing was just perfect. It's a perfect essay. Perfect grammer. Perfect spelling. Perfect paragraphing. It's too perfect!

As for suggestions. I would say, crimson or black colored shirts for the regualar employees. Black for the interior and exterior of the shop wth speckles of red white, and some of the lightest pink. Your cooks won't be in the view of the customers, so I don't think anyone have a problem wearing white. As for the perfect pizza crust...I have no idea. I like my pizza crust bland so...yeah. I'm weird. It's odd because I just had pizza for dinner. ^.^'

It's also odd because to me, writing is my passion (Well, Besides God) and it felt lieke you described to me writing and how it's not perfect the first time, so we have to go back and fix it and keep working until we have our ultimate piece of perfectness. I LOVED IT!
8/22/2005 c1 6SilentBlueRose
Try working in a pizza place. You'll get so sick of making pizza, you'll want to puke, trust me.

Oh, and pizza was invented in New York, not in Italy.

Cute piece though, and fairly well written.

Have a nice day.
8/21/2005 c1 2ZePuKa
*sobs* That was b-beautiful! Kae-chan, I pray that one day when you do open your pizza shop that you will allow me even just a tiny bite of the masterpiece, the perfect pizza! I confess, pizza is also a passion of mine, though I have never ventured into the depths of cooking one for myself, for I would probably end up slcing my finger off in the process and those who eat it would then be cannibals... oh dear... As for your pizza place, whatever is wrong with orange? orange would be a very unique color, and I would personally mix the colors for you to create the perfect 'kyo' orange as I did for the trees... as for the crust, I wouldn't really know, but I'm thinking if it were buttered a bit... you could get almost like a garlic bread effect, which is not bland at all... so anyways, from the safety of my room, I bid you good nite and sleep tight, dear kae-chan, and may all your pizzas be just right!

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