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9/2/2005 c1 21darkmanmod
All true. Some people (like me) will always be reserved for only the few to read like an open book. It's a defensive barrier to protect ourselves from being rejected. Mine is one of the most powerful ones out there and only my brother (which I love dearly) knows how I really think inside. No one esle, family, friends or otherwise, will even be curious about how I really am inside and that's why it's better to keep it to yourself. Find someone that's curious about you (really interested in finding out who you are) and all will be well. The true pain (to me) isn't to be insulted or turned down, it's the lack of interest in my very being (whether people like me or not they still dont give a shit about who I really am). It's like they don't want to know. Oh well. Too bad. My defences are up and I wait for the right code to lower them. Peace.
8/23/2005 c1 40Doray
This was nicely written. The emotion was presented well. The words are musical and graceful.

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