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for An Artificial Childhood

4/10/2006 c1 79Sorrowful Dreams
very well written. has a lot of anger and hatred to it which spices it up even more!

10/26/2005 c1 22Lucid Nonsense
Good job, eloquent and raw.
9/11/2005 c1 kate
whoa.that was amazing-specially the last line.that packed a powerful punch.
9/4/2005 c1 FanGirl X

Wow is all I trust myself to say. If I try to say more and go on about how much I like it...i'll sound real dumb so. I'll leave it at that! ^_^

((-Fangirl X-))
8/31/2005 c1 58White Tea and Ginger
Oh..I LOVE this. I especially loved thse line: That childhood ended a long time ago,So I filled in the cornersWith stacked boxesOf fairy tales and chocolate.With wafer-thin paper,You took down every word


You are my Romeo,The gun in my hand.

Brilliant, excellent, wonderful, beautiful. This poem just sent chills down my spine. It's going on my favorites :D.
8/27/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
wow... very cool & powerfully written... awesome job
8/27/2005 c1 79miss lavender
This was harsh and lovely! Excellent job.

8/26/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
it's almost like a dream ... lovely.

~* noelle
8/26/2005 c1 73Rozlin
8/25/2005 c1 47like a lover
oh my god.. wow. this was so... surprising. I don't know how to explain. I didn't expect it to make me feel so lovely and breathless. it's a jewel of a poem.

'I am the needle of imperfection/Which hangs on the bleeding cross of Jesus Christ.'

'You are my Romeo,/The gun in my hand.'

what else can I say, but, wow? fantastic job.
8/25/2005 c1 59Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys
This was so good...i really liked this, it was enjoying 2 read and you woke me up...awesum work^_^ Thanks 4 da review...keep it up^_^
8/25/2005 c1 9CerriC
I loved the way you brought up famous men and paired them with something bad. The last line, though... I expected something cryptic or highly insightful and instead got cursing. Really, compared to the brilliancy of the rest of the poem, it is a big let-down.
8/25/2005 c1 63lackluster
"You are my Romeo,The gun in my hand."

i cannot get over that line, it's just ironic and brilliant. wow.
8/24/2005 c1 26Cadience Gemma Topaz
Damn, i felt the passion, very powerful poem, good work.
8/24/2005 c1 93Venustas iaceo
"I am the needle of imperfection which hangs on the bleeding cross of Jesus Christ." Wonderful. I can't say I actually liked the last line. Powerful as it may be, it just feels like it doesn't go with the rest?
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