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11/14/2010 c2 AmatureAuthor fanfiction name
i hate you. you haven't updated in five years. -_- and i really liked your story!
11/14/2010 c1 AmatureAuthor fanfiction name
*headdesk repeatedly* hello, death note fangirl. Ryuzaki Ratio? Obvious much?

LOVE it btw. i'm not gonna write a long review just cuz I WANNA READ MORE! don't expect me to review often, but that's entirely yor fault for coming up with such a good plot! btw, if you've read Hana Kimi, Girl got Game, W Juliet, or Tenshi Ja Nai, i have a feeling where you got it from. if you havn't read them, i suggest you do. Oh, and I, My, Me! Straberry Eggs! is good too, and it's a dubbed anime.
10/3/2010 c1 mewlexi
Hahahahahaha haha ha ha Love this already!
5/30/2008 c2 4Xenn.be.Twisted
I like it! Myself being a Tomboy I'm intrigued.

She seems like a great character.
9/6/2005 c2 pinoykengumi7
wow... its so sad that heaps of people got affected... ja ne
8/31/2005 c2 8shibi chibi
...WHY is she in a all boys boarding school? i usually like these stories..but there's always a REASON they go there.
8/25/2005 c1 xbluxmoonx
Ha-ha, kinda funny but don't you think she would look like a girl enough that people would know? And why is it that their are a lot of yaoi stuff in manga? is it common in japan cuz i dunno. it seems like a lot of mangas contain yaoi. How so?Update! ~kitana5055
8/25/2005 c1 pinoykengumi7
... lots of people have that sort of plot... you know.. girl going to boarding school dress up as a guy.. oh well but i guess each one is different.. v. interesting you should add more jap =D ehehehe... that guy sounds really perverted...^_^; write more and i hope you appreciated my review...

ja ne... keep on writing

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