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for The History of An Angel

12/5/2005 c4 ms. fuzzy
Darn only 4 chapters? I must be a really big fan of you, 2 reviews in one day! YOu're really brave with the god thing, I wouldn't want to venture on such dangerous grounds. I hope you write more soon!
12/5/2005 c2 ms. fuzzy
Cool story! I love it! Not your usual romance...
10/7/2005 c4 11Ashgyrl
OK now this is getting good. The beginning was alittle slow but I like the fact that you used forshadowing to make me want to more. Update soon
8/26/2005 c2 33PearlinTheMist
ahh you must update this one, definetly a fave story! Me likes angel stories and Evan is the 2nd coolest name ever (Jeremy is the first) You must update nameless author...

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