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for One Last Song

6/26/2007 c19 Milesbelle
your story sucks...


but i think you may improved next...
4/11/2007 c19 emowalnutx3
2/1/2007 c19 greenfoundation
Oh noo!

Thanks! Now I'm Crying! haha, aww the ending was sweet ... Cant believe she died...

yes ... I really am crying, tis not a lie.

Ohyeah, the new story you're doing..whats it called... um, Playing The Game?

Dont make anyone die! Lol, okay, well, bye!
9/16/2006 c2 3DorKiyki
hey...i got ur review...at first i was really offended but you tell me this so i can improve on my writing skills and i thank you for tat. so...if it's alright w/ u...can u be my editor? i mean it's been a while since i started writing stories. like u said on ur profile thing..my english, gammer and so forth, aren't that great as well.lol. the thing w/ me is i have all these great plots in my head, but when it comes to typing it, it's just a blur.in the beginning of your prolongue..i was confused rather the person "I" was a guy or a girl and then when it was chapter 1 the "I" suddenly became dior. from time to time i flipped back to the prolongue and clarified my understanding.lol. -_-" this is wat we get for typing eh? lol...buh if u look aside from the mistakes and grammer errors, u understand wat the authour is trying to tell the readers.lol.i can't wait to read "If you loved me enough" though =D
9/15/2006 c11 DorKiyki
OMG HIL! i luv ur story!lol.i was so wrapped up that i was in my own little world trying to imagine the story! lol...&& i couldn't even hear my parents calling me!lol. you can tell how great ur story is! i especially luv the beginning were Dior had to french Devante for like 20 mins. and when she found out about "The Ones" lol!
6/25/2006 c19 2chosenchic
After like a million years, I've finally gotten around to reaidng this story and the verdict... it's pretty good. A couple of errors here and there but I like all of your characters and it was short and sweet.

Anyways thanks for keeping up with TUV and once again, good story.
6/7/2006 c2 8Zenosknight
hey Hilary, Wow, this story is great! I'd be honored to be your editor. =P Anywho, if you have any more storys, be sure to contact me, for I would do the same since I made an account. Obviously, my username is Zenosknight... Have fun writing -Lokyeu XD
4/15/2006 c19 5unrequitedx
oh my god. . . this story is so sad.
4/15/2006 c5 unrequitedx
i see someone is pretty flirtanious. xD
1/13/2006 c19 anon
Question, umm I don't think that there would be enough blood in a human body to write a whole song, or that it would flow smoothly enough, or that a DYING person would have the coordination to write anyway. Yeah.
12/8/2005 c19 ms. fuzzy
whoa hilary scary. I liked it but it was so dark. I was hoping that dior would live but still, it was nice... i'll have nightmares.
12/8/2005 c5 ms. fuzzy
Scary action Hilary. well im so not gonna review every chapter if i wanna finish this. Still very good so far except for like two spelling mistakes. :)
12/8/2005 c2 ms. fuzzy
Hilary, this just stinks of you! Expression... Its very nice. Very humorous. Well dunno wat to say, not done reading it yet.
11/29/2005 c5 judy
i love this.

when arae they going to bangg
11/29/2005 c3 judy
freaking amazing.

hahhaha you have skills.

i'd've loved to be in her position. IN A CAMPSITE FULL OF BABES? YEAH MAN.

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