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for One Last Song

8/29/2005 c12 theeighthhouse
omgosh..that is so suspenseful..and scary..
8/28/2005 c11 33PearlinTheMist
Ahh! My beloved Devante! You can't, you just can't let anything happen to him! I'm guessing his disappearence has something to do with Steephen and Di's sister? ahh you can't leave the story right there! cruel! mean! so much like an author... mean-ish-ness!
8/27/2005 c10 PearlinTheMist
You my fictionpress hero have just created the perfect guy in Devante. Nice, funny, teasing, flerty, hot, everything! I like Kelly Klarkson but she can't write lyrics but her voice is cool. I like EVANESCENCE and Seether myself but yeah, great story and I seriously hope you update much much much and fast fast fast, what a kick ass story! AH I want more chapters!
8/27/2005 c9 PearlinTheMist
oh wow definetly a fave story. This is like my fantasy romance with teasing and all, I love this story, update ASAP Hil, PLEASE!
8/27/2005 c5 PearlinTheMist
ahh good twist there at the end with DIOR and Devante. If only Devante had blonde hair and green eyes, nah looks don't count but I like your characters, you're an amazing writer
8/27/2005 c4 PearlinTheMist
ahh De. is soo cool. Dev is soo hot. Great story, this could be a fave story... it really could, on to chapter 5 then!
8/26/2005 c3 PearlinTheMist
oh wow what a great story! I hope to see an update soon. It's well written and I can follow the plot well. Great characters and all, 'author alert list and maybe more, I have to read the story more to know if it's a fave yet but this story is very good. Go read stuff on this cite by HateToHope, she's great, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
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