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7/12/2006 c1 14Aberrant Bliss
OK, so me and lara and Jenna and Becca and ME especially are all hillbillies? You hurt me. I thought we were your friends!


Lol, just kidding. No, seriously. You're turning into us! :) LOL no not really.

9/5/2005 c1 what a dreamer
Yep, yep. Nice chapter ^-^ Hey... we're not spanish or white o.o
9/2/2005 c4 9Electric Blue Eyeliner
Wow so shes gonna have a sibling...lol. I wonder is it gonna be r sis or brother...

And who is the father...

and on ur comment on the email about me being there w p-brain i wanna be w the hot punk guy...lol-nes

You kno what weird im talkin like u...hoow od

And i bet shes gonna go w Warren...

And where is her friend... is it Callina...cause i personly dont like her...

Stupid trisha...wheres her friends!Like p-brain...or does she like p-brain...so many questions.

I dont kno y but when it was the part when they told her that her mom was pregnant i wa like...what if she got a sibling...how odd

awshe doesnt want a sibling...how sad...well im not an only child so i wouldnt kno how it is to be an only child...u wouldnt either lol

Peo are so mean to her. and she isnt being brave...only children r supposed to be brave...cause their already used to the attention.

lol so untill next time see yas later
8/29/2005 c3 Electric Blue Eyeliner
HEHEHE so Patrisha is the bitch? I donno y but i like p-brain...lol. But where is my hot punk? LAYELA! Bad.

Anyway...there also has to be the british hot guy. lol

Aw ur siblings r not in the story. Their big sister left them out. Talking about ur siblings The hurricane Katrina is supposed to be big and do lots of damage. lol bad katty!

whos Bummz?okay then...i just had to ask that.

Woop im on my laptop! lol. You should make her hangout w p-brain and his crew more! Yes and the warran (or warren?) guy has to show up more!

So now i need the jock or is warren him? And u nneed to get her a bestfriend! Yes and much more to add...

No offencce but the 1st chappie was boring. But nnow its MUCH better! Oh...i went to the buffet afer all. It was yummy. Then we went on a 40 min walk! It was dark. lol

So untill next time, may your soward stay sharp.

((HEE HEE had to say that))
8/29/2005 c2 Electric Blue Eyeliner
Yuck...that teeth thing sounds nasty. LOL the gus funny , i wish i had the green tink well a blue 1. U kno.

Okay u say romance isnt gonna be main...i bet i will. lol . u try not to but in the end it will happen.

I bet there is gonna be a blonde guy and another guy. And then ther is gonna be the bitch and then (whats the girls name?) bestfriend.

Is there gonna be a punk? The hot punk guy. lol, the kond of guy i like u kno.

Well i did go to the tailors and got my skirts shortened. We might go to the buffet today! I didnt eat any breakfast or lunch. Just some chips but im not hungry!

So now to chappie 3...unless my dad dosent let me go on...he just walked into the room...i might not go to the buffet! NO! Well talk to you later!
8/29/2005 c1 Electric Blue Eyeliner
Sorry i forgot to review untill...now. Well this is so like your life.

But i dont think your mom would flirt w a random guy..lol. I still got to read the other chappies. But so far its good. And im nt just sayin that cause in ur bestest friend (right?). Orge County...haha.

Ad ur that grandmother cheacking out the boys lol. Aw i will miss u b/c u moved! Well now i read the net chapter...

well not now...hehe

im going to the tailors to ge my skirt trimmed...lol. So untill next time!

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