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for The Art of Conlanging

9/4/2005 c5 words music and love stay true
ooh! This chapter was great! I should make up rules for my languages, becuase usually I just hit random keys and see what goes with the flow of the language. *thinks* ooh! Brillant!
9/3/2005 c4 Sally
Let me just say this: damn you. Now I want to go and make a language.
9/3/2005 c4 1Blackestfyre
This was rather help! Thank you very much! I was kind of going out of my mind trying to make up a language form my story, but now you have simplified the process!
9/3/2005 c4 words music and love stay true
ooh good! I've always wondered what to do about this, especially with peoples who began as one race and split apart. Usually I just end up creating ENTIRELY different languages, but this makes much more sense! Thanks!
9/3/2005 c4 Jasmine Olathe
(Too lazy to log in =) I'm actually in this position. I've been building a world for a fantasy story for a while now...New races, geography, history, and I was actually wondering if I should have everyone speak different languages or the same one...well, this is just what I needed, thanks!
8/29/2005 c3 thescottishdragon
yeah! this is a really good essay! I look forward to more updates! I often find myself just making up names from random letters, probably not the best idea in the world. Hope for more. Hope you got your problems worked out so you can update Tori's gift!The Scottish Dragon
8/28/2005 c2 thescottishdragon
(STILL way too lazy to log in)Ooh! I like this essay! I hope there will be more! I often invent langauges for my stories too, but I haven't ever thought about it in this much detail! Huzzah!
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