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for The Son of Aros

11/6/2006 c2 5Wonderer-throughthe-pen
Awesome story. It wish I could right as skilled in only two chapters! Keep it up!
7/24/2006 c2 Andrea Tiefling L
You do for dragons in this story, humanizing them, what i've been doing for demons in my writing.it's a really creative work and i like your overall writing style but i think this story would have benefitted from some hardcore workshopping. you've shifted in tone from fairytale mode to common slang mode and you need to be consistent all the way through. Certain parts are confusing (and i attribute that more to internet formatting than intent)such as the telepathy and "unspoken" moments...what is telepathy and what is imagined, for instance. the passing of time is also unclear. and i think that there are 4 characters competing to call this their story, and i find all 4 interesting. ulitmately you have to decide who's story this is; Brach? Aros? Lexus? because he/she needs his/her voice to be the dominant one.you should find someone to work with you, help with all the tweaks and problems. other than that you've got the talent. i definitely want another dragon story.
7/14/2006 c2 5Seraphe
Hey!Very interesting take on Dragons...it was a good story. It seems almost metaphoric...for real life. Dragons are powerful and mistrusted creatures and...well the metaphor makes sense in my head. **looks around sheepishly**

But anyway, great story!
2/18/2006 c1 4somethingsup
Your idea on dinosaurs/dragons was very nice and actually made some sense. ^_^
8/30/2005 c1 6CyberBird
Green, red, blue for ice species, black, the black ones are not evil, it’s their race.I like that line, it's cool ^_^ That's very interesting ^_^ *poof* More?

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