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for An Unchained Holocaust

9/5/2005 c1 124in theory
This is very unique, I'm quite intrigued by your writing. You're a bisexual Christian too, very cool. I like how u acknowledge your editor too, something I should do more. Thanks for reviews, I appreciate 'em :)
9/4/2005 c1 FanGirl X
-sighs- Yeah...I think everyopne should be able to worship what they want so long as they tolerate other religions as well. Brilliant piece...er, if I got the meaning at all right...^_^

((-Fangirl X-))
9/3/2005 c1 141AllyCred
very deep well done...i love it...its amazing...beautiful and has so much going through it...well done. lots of love ~AllyCred~
9/2/2005 c1 Katosbug
I'm not entirely sure what this poem is emlying, but I'll take a go at what I feel inside. I sense an unusual distrust twards other religions that can either turn readers on or off about your writing. Good...
9/1/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Wah, intense imagery~~ reli captured me~~ great job

keep writing!
9/1/2005 c1 35Infinity Plus One
8/31/2005 c1 24Searching4Truth
Wow, that was a great poem. It's so deep and powerful. Nice job! Keep writing. :-)
8/31/2005 c1 39Alisha Marie
Wow this is very good...I really like the details in this!
8/31/2005 c1 63lackluster
you have amazing wording, beyond explanation, in this. it's so powerful.
8/31/2005 c1 169flaming.footprints
Powerful and heartbreaking. Great job with this.

8/31/2005 c1 93Venustas iaceo
No, trying to convert someone *is* rape in my opinion. Rape of the mind, belief, and common standing... and throwing you into a whole new [and in some past cases unwanted] perspective.

Beautiful poem, however. Tragic, really, that you can expect this type of thing often.
8/31/2005 c1 59Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys
You know some really big words, lol...i am sure this would make more sense to me if i knew what some of them meant it would be more understandable...still a great poem^_^
8/30/2005 c1 65Aquafied
beautiful.it does remind me of the holocaust.

horrorible things.strongly of anne frank, but then again, she didnt have blond hair.
8/30/2005 c1 168SeaVoi
A good poem. Very descriptive, full of emotion.
8/30/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
powerful and undeiably creative. I love it.

~* noelle
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