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3/9/2006 c1 86Soul Effrontery
I appreciate the message you were trying to convey, and I must say I agree. That is, if I have the message right. Thanks for giving me a review! On this piece, I must say that the use of lives twice, as others have told you, is quite discouraging, because I like the idea of the piece so much. And maybe make "book" into "books". It may flow better. But much appluase on attempting a haiku. I would never dare!
1/9/2006 c1 Robin Siskin
Uh...no. You just repeated your first line in the last line to get your syllable quota. Don't do that.
9/27/2005 c1 192drummerbonbon
this is great. thanks for the positive review!
9/13/2005 c1 LeavingNow
Haikus are a lot harder to write than most people think. ^^
9/9/2005 c1 12Draketeeth
Author: Yes your post is longer. seventeen sylables -vs- a critique. You decide. ^_^
9/9/2005 c1 4Tikvah Ariel
That was short. My review may be longer then the peice.You use lives twice, which makes it confusing, and it doesn't suit my fancy. It isn't bad though
9/2/2005 c1 12eighteen hundred
The usage of "lives" twice in such a short piece doesn't really work so great, in my opinion.

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