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for Hiring a Hooligan

5/19/2013 c1 Wicked4life
5/14/2013 c8 Beka
God jane is so awkwardly adorable, I love her! I imagine her looking like a young Zooey Deschanel cept less twiggy looking
5/13/2013 c13 9AKhwab
It took me about 2 days to read this 13-chapter story of yours. Let me tell you one thing, there were two things that didn't sit well with me. 1. Jane's apparent lack of hygiene and shit like that. 2. There was so much Math, Chemistry & Physics gibberish. Omg. I seriously couldn't stand it, especially chapter 4 onwards.

Anyway, I think Rafe and Jane make a cute couple. I still prefer Nuvleen & Lucan tho. And guess what, I have gotten past chapter 3 or 4 for that story. Says a lot doesn't it?

Despite all the criticism I've said, I'd like to congratulate you on completing and doing a not-so bad job at this story. I'm kinda sorry that I couldn't like it more.
5/12/2013 c6 AKhwab
Gosh man. I read this and I'm like, "how can one girl be so stupid & so genius at the same time?".
5/12/2013 c5 AKhwab
Hahaha I feel dumb after reading that too. It's kinda weird to relate this Lucan here to the Lucan with Nuvleen. Really. Anyway, about this chapter. Best part was when you cracked that joke on Grace and lesbian. I thought it was DAMN funny!
5/12/2013 c3 AKhwab
Where do you get all that info from omg? :o

Anyway, I thought this part was super funny: 'Rafe grinned. "How many guys are you planning on showing your bra to?"

Guy from my French class! "No, a hundred and sixty dollars."'. Couldn't stop laughing about it.

'"What'll you give me?"

"I'll show you my bra?"

"...okay."' Also raised laughter from me.
5/12/2013 c2 AKhwab
The language is difficult to understand. If you could provide a glossary of sorts for the gangster-type words, I'd be very appreciative :) Besides that, good going so far :)
4/28/2013 c2 Guest
...What the actual fuck?
Is this real life?
4/21/2013 c6 7MissNightOwl
Woah! The pumpkins sound freaking awesome . I never knew you could do that!
4/20/2013 c5 MissNightOwl
Your amazing! I love you! XD for a time I thought you actually KNEW all the stuff Jane talked about, but now knowing that you don't, just increases your awesomeness. Because the way you made Jane's character and came up with the dialogue and I'm just in AWE and I keep laughing and giggling and-*breathe*-my gosh I just love this. It takes skills to take all those facts and twist into this hilarious twist of words! I'm in loooooveeeeee

Apologies for any offense and/or creeped-out ness that might have been felt during this review.

I love you! Don't worry though, I roll hetero.
4/15/2013 c13 2TayMor
AAAAGGGHHH! I finished it! However, I will deffo check out smexy Lucan! Hohohoho! Brill story, Deena, Brill Brill stuff!

ML from Jamaica!
4/15/2013 c9 TayMor
Kyaaaa! I hate you so much right now! I have school at 11:00, and its now 6:48, and I stayed up all night reading this and I now have 4 more chapters to go and I cant stop! And the classes I have are Law and French! How dare you write such an amazing story?!

Rafe's kisses are so hot but I am secretly wishing that Jane gets a smooch outa Lucan too...
4/15/2013 c8 TayMor
Jealous Rafe is... MAGNIFIQUE! Sorry I don't leave long reviews, but dayum I love this fic!
4/15/2013 c7 TayMor
I am SO confused! Idk whether to be shipping JaneXRafe, or JaneXLucan because Lucan is so freaking hawt!... and Rafe is so freaking cute! MWERP! Me glad this story completed already...
4/15/2013 c6 TayMor
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