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for Hiring a Hooligan

9/9/2005 c2 3J. Marit
funny story, hhe. poor hen. lol

great chapter

write more sson please

9/9/2005 c2 dksfj
Is poutine a Canadian thing? french fries covered in gravy sauce canNOT be got for you! Great chapter btw!
9/9/2005 c2 MmmKayy
I love Grandma! LOL
9/9/2005 c1 47strawberry-toast
i'll admit i may just be in a weird mood but this is friggen awesome. it's funny, but serious. that's hard to pull off, but you do it. props. also i like the story cause it's romance and that's always fun, when it's unusual, and well, i'd want someone to get the crap beaten out of anyone who beat the crap out of me for being queer.
9/7/2005 c1 vociferous
oh man! this is absolutely hislarious! i really luv it! such a contrast from the gravedigger's daughter. A good contrast though! update soon pls!
9/6/2005 c1 CatH
Hahahaha! Just the right story to start my boring day! I've always liked your sense of humor way back in ff.net, and although I have been waiting eagerly for your other story update (this is NOT a subtle hint, no sirree, this is not a hint at all!) I find that your starting this new one is just hilarious. I can see the multiple scenarios playing out with these 2 characters. Ah, a swing from the angsty one to this creepy one.
9/6/2005 c1 5alleluia
This is a really awesome story so far. The story line is really interesting and I love the way Jane talks. I can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon.
9/6/2005 c1 8silent-distress
Hmm... a story to keep in mind about. You're really good with words, continue writing!
9/6/2005 c1 18flying blind

love the story, little out there but an awesome story all the same, i hope you update soon can't wait to see what happens next
9/5/2005 c1 3J. Marit
this girl is crazy, lol.

this is a great story, i cant wait to read more...

write more soon please!

9/4/2005 c1 4Karuli
lmao. this is really good. i hope you update soon.
9/4/2005 c1 1Plavilu
Haha. I LOVE it already. Great job; I'm completely hooked.
9/4/2005 c1 11CarEtoDreaM
haha, she pinched him!
9/4/2005 c1 Faye-san
Yes! I love it! Hahah give in to temptation...that's like that lol :p
9/4/2005 c1 wawawi
Wow you rock! Best first chapter ever! please please please continue it :)
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