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6/16/2012 c13 daresa09
Yay ! Oh my god their children are going to be sexy and smart . You , Jane Hazelton , are phenomenal . Loved this story .
6/16/2012 c12 daresa09
Janie is just ... I totally love her . She's so honest . I seriously hope she and Rafe work out .
6/16/2012 c10 daresa09
I almost wish that Janie and Rafey would get it on after the crippling of Conner Mcassface .
6/16/2012 c9 daresa09
Oh my gosh , I love Jane , but she's frustrating the crap out of me . I mean , I get that this is the first time she's exposed to that type of affection , but jeez . JEEZ !
6/15/2012 c6 daresa09
Conner is such an assface I can't take it ! She should've slammed him with her book and ran like hell . Rafe better break his legs off at the knees . That asshole .

On a less angry note , I like that she named her rhombus rock .
6/15/2012 c5 daresa09
Sweet Jesus , Rafe is soooo fine . But Lucan sounds two times as fine . I don't even mind the age difference . But it would be real shit if it didn't work out with Rafe . I'm already in love with Rafe's family . Bianca is pretty much the type of mom I want to be - minus the whole semi-religious thing .

Can we discuss how awesome it is to find your kickass grandmother looking at porn with your best friend ? I mean , I'd be traumatized if such a site played out in front of me , but it seems so normal reading this story .
6/15/2012 c4 daresa09
Not going to lie , whenever Jane references anything science , it's lost on me completely . I almost feel unworthy of reading this story ... but I like Jane/Rafe moments too much to click out of here . Is it weird that my heart was pounding hard when he told her to open her mouth ? Hmm ..
6/15/2012 c3 daresa09
I totally thought he was going to to suggest being his sex slave 'cause he's a partial sadist . But his plan is good too .
6/15/2012 c2 daresa09
I love that all the adults are supporting the beating of Conner McAsswipe . Suril and his family are amazing . Muriel is amazing . But no one can top Jane - she's amazingly badass in her own way .
6/15/2012 c1 daresa09
Can we talk about how fucking hilarious Jane is ? And what did Rafe mean by that ?
6/10/2012 c4 Fallen Midnight Angel
Jane is so Fnicking adorable. If she was real...let's just say she'd be in the...room. No, I'd bring her to school and make her my best friend.

"I got scared by all those fluffy towels." "I didn't know which towel I was supposed to use...at home I just wipe off on my Grandma's nightdress. She says it's good for her eczema."

6/8/2012 c13 dan1hart1ey
Sorry it's not a verified review, but the stupid site won't let me sign in. Sadness, I know. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that, despite having absolutely no idea what Jane was talking about most of the time, I absolutely loved it. Being Canadian and attending a University in Nova Scotia, I particularly loved the Canadian aspect.

I'd love to offer some comments on style of writing and such, but I was much to occupied with squeeing over Jane/Rafe to notice anything beyond the flow of the story line. Well done!
6/8/2012 c5 dan1hart1ey
I have never laughed so hard in all my life. Jane saying Grace? Absolutely brilliant. I love it. On to read more, I'm sure I'll write a few more of these as I find new and wonderful scenes.
6/5/2012 c13 lilleylove
Okay, cutest story ever... Jane was soooo adorable... I would so jump at the chance to be her friend... and you know what, if i was a lesbian or got a little bi-curious one day i now have a blueprint for the type of girl to look for... the whole story and all your characters were just hilarious and adorable in the most wonderful way... and good job and good luck and keep writing and am adding this to my favorites FYI


On a complete unrelated note i think its the shit that your form Canada...
6/4/2012 c13 girlvsherself
I've only just found this story, and am now in love with Rafe, Jane, her grandma and therefore you! thank you so much for this flawless story! xoxo
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