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for Hiring a Hooligan

6/4/2012 c1 just vogue
I love this story so much! I've read it more times than I can count. I'm pretty sure I will never get tired of it.

It's that awesome.
6/1/2012 c1 27absentmindedprofessor
Nice first chapter. I like the candid way you write, it's very refreshing. Jane seems like a sweetheart, all awkward and uncomfortable and simply adorable, and Rafe also seems like a cutie-pie, but in a ruffian, bad-boy way. Off to the next chapter! :D
5/27/2012 c13 3TheMysteryReviewer3624
This story is quite possibly the best romance I have ever read. Ever. It's also the funniest. And the cutest. In fact it wins all kinds of superlative awards.
5/19/2012 c3 Phifi
This story is really really good!

I love it so far. I'm canadian and I am finally reading something with things spelled how I spell them. and POUTINE. oh mon dieu.

I'm only on chapter three right now, but i will keep reading. :)

Heart-Attack-In-A-Bowl is a fairly accurate name for poutine now that I think about it, though I still adore it. Have you had Nanaimo Bars?

4/29/2012 c1 anonymous
Love your sense of humour :) 'you made his piza lean' haha that was great
4/25/2012 c13 5dream-beautiful
THIS WAS SO FUCKING CUTE. Epilogue, PLEASE. I loved this :)
4/14/2012 c3 The Quotidian Life
I love this story. It's ingenious the way you incorporate nerdy facts into the story. I happen to understand all the chemistry jokes you make. Awesome work!
4/9/2012 c6 5poopforbrains
Okay, usually, I don't review until I've finished the whole story but dayummmmm. This chapter was just too bloody cute! 3

I think I'm falling in love with Rafe more and more.

Not to mention Janie is such a cutie. She's so sweet and naive and damn nerdy that you can't help yourself from enjoying her character. :))

You, dear author, truly molded your characters perfectly. :))

**"She might think you had one of those soggy sex dreams that boys get."

Rafe smacked his own forehead. I supposed that since Lucan and Guido weren't around to thump him, he had to do it himself.**

I swear, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. :)) That was utter genius. So funny and hilarious! :))
4/1/2012 c3 13LoverofBach
Oh my god this story is too funny...I love your writing!
3/27/2012 c13 peacewithinchaos
What a fantastic story! I really enjoyed this.
3/11/2012 c13 The New Kid On The Block
That was really sweet. I really like how you didn't change her personality through out the story, and he liked her for her.
3/9/2012 c13 Sheryl
Holy. Fuck. This story just blew me out of my imaginary socks! Great work! I just...absolutely love it.
3/5/2012 c13 Allein
Definitely took me by surprise, this story. It was nothing along the lines of what I expected when reading the summary – you could say a pleasant surprise – but I gradually warmed up to the story and the characters. First, I’ll tell you, I haven’t studied any of those subjects in Math and Science yet, so perhaps that was why I didn’t get several of Jane’s jokes. I considered giving up on the story after reading two chapters, since I was getting tired of ploughing through foreign words and random equations, but the story seemed to have struck a note inside me, so I was patient and kept reading (speaking of musical notes, it reminds me of Jane describing her “piano” bruises Chris had given her in a chapter whose number I cannot remember. I found that description clever and appropriate for Jane’s personality and had to add it to my review xD)

Like Rafe, I didn’t understand half of what Jane was saying, though she still managed to make me double over with laughter in the later chapters. But, also like Rafe, Jane grew on me – probably after the fifth/sixth chapter – and I really got took a liking to her. You’ve moulded such an interesting female character, one with so many quirky habits, sayings, ect. I love the fact that Jane was never afraid to show who she is, never became bothered by her peers’ comments about her oddness, and I love how you showed that geniuses are so naive when it comes to life-like situations (i.e. high school love). And I loved Suril and her grandma! They were very fitting characters to the story, always there for Jane, good supporting characters – that’s the term I’m looking for. The Moretti family – or really, Rafe and Lucan – set up a little love triangle for Jane that kinda worked, but kinda didn’t. It was obvious things were more focused on Rafe then Lucan, but I’m aware that you’ve written a story about the latter. As for Katrina, I am glad you gave her a little back story to defend her clingy-ness, rather than left her as the stereotypical “bitch” as you’d said.

Overall, this is a very memorable story, and I thank you for giving me and many others such an interesting and entertaining read. Personally, I found a couple parts of the story quite perverted and unnecessary to add, but that’s opinionated, and it doesn’t subtract from the story’s charisma. ‘Hiring a Hooligan’ has got a spicy flare, that’s what I’ll conclude with.
3/1/2012 c5 14Cat Parmegiani
HOLY CRAAA- i mean COW. (are you allowed to swear in a review? umm... not going to test that theory...) ANYWAY, it's SUPER INCREDIBLY impressive that you've created such an amazing character that's so science-based when you're not. I have a hard time writing outside of what i know, and you've taken that to a whole new level, so props. this story is AMAZING.
1/19/2012 c1 ALittleLunatic
Holy mother of mercy! I found it! Thank you universe! Thank you the ability to creep on other author's favorites!
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