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11/2/2011 c1 Lucky Number Thirteen
Jane is unbelievably cute and funny. I love her already, and it's still the first chapter? As for Rafe,... Hm. Not bad. Seems like a hot character.
11/2/2011 c13 stoojam

It's my fifth time reading this, and it's always so fun to read. If anything, my respect for you skyrockets each time after I realise you're able to integrate terms I'm sure no-one has heard of so seamlessly into your story!

Keep up the great work, I hope to be looking out for this one in the bookshelves :)
10/26/2011 c13 7settingthesunrise
This is a work of art. The flow is dynamite,and if you aren't a published author already, you should be. Seriously amazing.
10/24/2011 c6 Pettle
Hey, great story so far! Janie is certainly an interesting character... Normally I get quickly annoyed by stories where people act weird just for the sake of being weird, but congratulations, you have succeeded in writing the first story I have ever read that has a character that is so friggen strange that it keeps me constantly amused :) good work, and keep it up!
10/21/2011 c13 me
I loved this story Jane was so awesome! it does seem a little racist though. Rafe and Suril and Grandma were the coolest i love your characters :) i thought it was really great that you made Katrina a real person not just a 2-d skank but i think you dropped it in the last chapter. Anyway I enjoyed reading it so thanks for posting it for random internet people like me to read!

keep writing - Me
10/9/2011 c1 1hyperhigh242
I LOVED THIS STORY! I love all of your work. You are amazing... Amazingly amazing.
10/1/2011 c13 Cherryde4th
Wow just wow...this story is awesome! I love Janie she's such a great character, so original. This was a great read and I'm off to check out your other fics!
9/30/2011 c5 tiltedHead
i have lots of fun reading this story too,awesome story
9/30/2011 c4 tiltedHead
Great story, great chapter!
9/24/2011 c6 tiltedHead
This is ane of the weirdest and funniest story i've ever read,cool though.Love it!
9/17/2011 c12 youths
ha ha ha, I can at least understand the nursing terminology. nursing's all about therapeutic touch, but the process to get there sure isn't.

poor Janie. I can picture her feeling like a childlike doll at the end of this scene.. really sucks that Rafe even left her there in the first place. I feel like this is very mentally scarring for her.
9/17/2011 c13 8CrazyCowgirl101
Omg. SO amazIng! And look at that over 2000 reviews? That's insane! I loved every minute of this story! So hilarious and clever! I really love Jane and how well you kept up with her character and her love of all things science! She really impresses me! Great job!
9/17/2011 c11 youths
I think Rafe should be given a giraffe shirt by Jane. don't know what kind of scientific joke it might be, though.

more swoonish moments, and definitely liked the whole threesome up to the "ho" scene. :)

I hope you aren't annoyed by my comments.
9/17/2011 c9 youths
I feel like I'm on a strange wavelength because I began wondering how to pronounce Rafe's name. in the beginning I was saying "Ray-ffff" (sounds almost like "rape" uhh) which evolved into "Rah-fe" (which might have something to do with taking Japanese class, or maybe I was thinking of The Ninja Turtles, take your pick.)

your make out scene was really long and spicy-never read a long make out scene before. really nice!
9/17/2011 c8 youths
I cringe at my comments to you. on another note, I have only started to notice Jane's (somewhat) disgusting habits, but it's really sweet that Rafe accepts her for who she really is, even her awkward eating manners.
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