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for Hiring a Hooligan

12/16/2014 c1 graft
I suppose I can see why this is so popular, but I'm disappointed. I thought this was going to be story with adults. Kinda past the whole high school obssession thing. Also teenagers are annoying no matter how well written.
12/11/2014 c1 10Be My Valentine
Jane is funny. It's her "warm turd" coloured eyes that got me.
12/9/2014 c14 10clara12
OMG I followed you like a hopeless stalker ages ago and was sooooooo excited when i found out (just an hour ago) that you updated and completed the story! it made me nostalgic about those days when I once was a teenager, loving romance. Thank you so much for completing this story- it is definitely better later than never! I ABSOLUTELY love Jane and Rafe and hope there may be a sequel about their adventures in college or whatever! I also wish you all the best and curse Andrew Pratt to the infiinity, what f******c****. THANKS AGAIN FOR WRITING SUCH AN ENTERTAINING ORIGINAL PIECE. I will definitely not hesitate to buy this, when it gets published! THANK YOU!
12/8/2014 c8 1hobovill99
I hate you to the deepest pits of hell but love you for all eternity at the same time.
I hate you because I'll never be as good of a writer as you are and I promised myself an hour ago that I'd go to sleep after one more chapter...then I read three more and now I'll be cranky as shit in the morning.
I love you because you write such wonderful stories and beautiful characters and funny dialogue and everything in between.
I envy you deeply.
11/15/2014 c13 Taraxoxo
I loved this !
11/15/2014 c10 5Ishotthealbatross
Oh man, that last line...hilarious XD
11/8/2014 c7 Ishotthealbatross
Awesome story...I love this chapter :-)
P.S. no offence, but the correct spelling is Amitabh Bachchan :D
10/13/2014 c9 8Ibbonray
Reading through this again (couldn't help myself) and have been noting down a few things that need correcting. Basically, whenever you have a genus and the specific epithet (i.e. Homo sapiens)(apologies- I can't get italics on this device), the genus is capitalized and italicized (as you've done), and the specific epithet starts with a lowercase letter. I've noticed in this chapter you wrote "Lubricus terrestris" as "Lubricus Terrestris," which is unacceptable in biology. ... Unless it's a Canadian thing, and in that case, by all means, never mind. :)

Do I need to mention that this story is the greatest gift to mankind ever? With an exception of nourishment, of course. But it comes a close second.
8/20/2014 c14 MudbloodPride
F**k kid I hope you solved this problem and got rights to your own story :
That being said I hope that one day this thing does get published and to your name because it's definitely worthy.
I love this story 3
You so amazing. :)
8/20/2014 c7 MudbloodPride
I can vouch for the hair-floss thing. I do it too. I guess it's something us frizzy haired people have in common :3

Another lovely chapter.

I know this story was posted a long time ago but I feel like I have to review as I go.
Wheee :D
7/23/2014 c14 ajashire1
I fucking loved this story even if I didn't understand half of the time what Jane said, but when I did I got very proud. I saw this story a lot around fictionpress but never did read it, I'm glad I finally did though cuz this story is "the shit" as they say.

P.S You got me a lot more interested in math now! :3
7/6/2014 c14 Percabethgirl2645
That Andrew Pratt guy is a prat :(. It really sucks that you have to take down your work though. Thanks for writing this story, it was so funny and adorable!
7/6/2014 c13 Percabethgirl2645
7/6/2014 c11 Percabethgirl2645
Thank you for not making Katrina a cliche skank. I pitied her, but I still ship Janie and Rafe :)
7/6/2014 c9 Percabethgirl2645
Dang. I've been reading it as Raw-fay the whole time. -_-
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