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2/23/2014 c6 K
this story i so fun to read and hilarious! I'm sending a link to all of my friends :)
2/18/2014 c14 Read it100 times
Shit, that Andrew Pratt is retarded. Still, I don't want you to erase this! I love reading it, mostly when I had a bad day, it so funny and cute that it makes me happy right away. Please, please don't take this story down, maybe change it to another site that's more protected against plagiarism, but don't take it down! Let me know whatever you do. Lots of luck with the amazon thing, you deserve to be recognized for your amazing work.
2/16/2014 c1 Lala
Well at least knowing they aren't exactly punk... but Pezz...
2/16/2014 c1 Lala
Okay, so I just started this but you have definitely won me over with Billy Talent!
2/2/2014 c13 CatLo
Just finished this book in one sitting. Holy hell, it was wicked funny. Seriously, can't remember the last time I laughed that hard, that often over something so intentionally funny. The characters were perfect, too. Even the antagonists weren't boring and flat, but rather fleshed out and interesting. Janie is definitely charming in a sweet, naive way the likes I've never read before. I would totally buy this book and am definitely reading it again a time or two for kicks. I was hooked from the very first paragraph, gasping for breath (which I find rather dramatic, so that's really saying something) by the first chapter and totally won over by the characters. Favorite fiction press story I've ever read!
2/1/2014 c4 HowlingAtTheSun
What the fuck are you even saying? I don't understand any of this xD
1/26/2014 c14 Christina
Nonononono please don't remove all your work. FictionPress has already got rid of being able to copy and paste and I just really need you to please finish Marrying the Vitch. Please update! It's my birthday wish. If you have time after you finish Marrying the Vitch you can write Guido's story.
1/26/2014 c14 DragonOwl
I love this story! It's so creative and I love the characters - Rafe is a perfect blend of sweet and tough and I love Jane's crazy personality! I think it's also really good the way you fleshed out Katrina and showed her side of the story as well. I'm so glad you haven't removed it - it's so great to read and I'm sure I'll read it again!
1/25/2014 c9 Weirdom
So I just figured this out this chapter and I was kinda wondering... Did you name Rafe Rafe on purpose because it's made up of two periodic table abbreviations Ra (Radium) and Fe (Iron) or was that just a happy accident? After all the awesome math and science jokes, I had to wonder. D

I love this story too, by the way. I love it when nerdy girls are the protagonists in the stories. I'm kind of a nerdy girl too, but Janie definitely takes the cake. Although I am nerdy enough to get maybe half of what she's talking about, so that makes me happy. D

I can't wait to finish the rest of it!
1/20/2014 c13 1TOXOID
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Also, shame on whoever tried to plagiarize you.
1/17/2014 c5 4sami1995
So hilarious and amazing
1/14/2014 c14 Lauren
I love this story, and I can't believe someone copied it. Well actually, I can. This story is so good that other people feel the need to try and post it as theirs. That still doesn't justify someone copying it.
1/10/2014 c14 3PandaTheUnderstudy
I really loves this story! It made me laugh so much. I really hope that you don't take down the stories. Fictionpress has now made it impossible to copy and paste the story chapters now.
12/8/2013 c2 5Esther K. Binny
Deena, your stories are - excuse me - fucking hilarious. literally, I laugh my ass off.

"Father fuckin' Time, I don't know where I went wrong with you," just stuff like that. I can't fully quote half of the stuff that makes me laugh, as you manage to do it in such an intelligent way. This is probably the umpteenth time I've read this story, I've followed it from account to account! (y'know losing passwords is a pain) but, this story - it never gets boring, old or whatever, I love it so much. You have amazing humour, you come up with the best stuff. I applaud you!

ciao! Kim
11/21/2013 c14 vestastar

I really liked reading this story and I'm sorry to hear it was plagiarised by some inconsiderate guy.I hope you will publish all your stories soon, so nobody else will take credit for your work:)

Good luck:)
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