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for The Wolf and the Seal

6/13/2016 c1 Guest
Please, please, please write more. Seriously, I would pay you to write a book.
2/16/2015 c1 Guest
10/29/2014 c1 RomanticS
I liked the story it's different from others that have all the sexual scenes thus one though was more of the relationship.
9/1/2014 c1 Nbsiren
Love it
8/1/2014 c1 nawakosaure
Really liked it. But why did he have to loose an eye ? :-( Well, I guess it spices up the story.
7/23/2014 c1 11DawnSister
OMG what a perfectly lovely story. So uncomplicated yet so full of detail that I feel I know Seal and Wolf very well. You made me love them in such a short time. I would gladly have read more about them. I would hope that you might write some more. Seal and Wolf's continued story could be very interesting I think.

6/26/2014 c1 Kami
Bravo! I really hope there's a chapter 2! Keep going! This was truly brilliant and I loved ever word, every sentence! Just mwah magnificent!
3/29/2014 c1 Qpst
Amazing! I've never read anything like it!
3/6/2014 c1 regbaby
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6/22/2013 c1 allancaldera
It was beyond amazing one of the cutest one shots love is so amazing and cute I love them together Seal and Wolf are cute together,
6/4/2013 c1 Wow
That was an incredible story I thought it was amazing. I enjoyed the characters a lot. You should write some more stories similar to this one!
2/10/2013 c1 Chris
An awesome one-shot. Short sweet and full of everything I was looking for!
2/7/2013 c1 k
I loved this story! It's so well written and sweet but somehow real at the same time!
1/23/2013 c1 11ImmanenceEnsured
This was wonderful. I loved both Wolf and Seal, and liked their innocent, child-like interactions; Wolf was awkward enough to be cute, and Seal was chipper enough to be adorable. Their actions, be it a bit dramatic at times, were realistic and understandable. Wolf burying the pelt didn't make me dislike him, it gave me deeper understanding of his character and situation. Him giving the pelt back was sweet and showed what a good wolf he actually is. When he returned to the circus and his eye was gauged out, it actually gave me a shock. I hurt for wolf. The grandpa going all 'you smarmy cretin!' made me crack a smile, and their happy reunion was heartwarming. This story gives a small dose of everything, and that made me happy. Truly, job well done.
1/7/2013 c1 izzyswims
You made me cry... It was so sweet. I loved it.
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