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10/3/2017 c33 Heyhey
I know it won't happen, but I'm really rooting for a triad here. (Threesome in the romantic sense.)
10/3/2017 c23 Heyhey
Dan's a little bit selfish, isn't he?
7/4/2013 c2 Guest
I am amused to see this band has the same name as my friend's, who is a singer in a jazz band here, called "Tin Man." :)
4/24/2013 c58 19Garrett Bringer
Gods, I remember reading this way back when, waiting for those update alerts, greedily absorbing the next bit of angst and drama that was Rafe and Dan. I still think about this story now and then and give it a read and I'm so glad it hasn't been taken down yet. A good read and some nostalgia all at once.

And damn how times change. I want to apologize profusely for the horrible begging and irritating comments I left. So embarrassed.

I've been horrible and haven't followed for new works, but I hope you've kept writing! You've always been one of my favorite FP authors.
11/7/2011 c58 lunasea
So I once started this story but for some reason i never quite finished it. So over the span of the last 3 days I have read it all and must say, I love it dearly! The ending is great and I love it. I really hope that you weren't implying that they broke up though..which I dont think you were haha but anywho, amazing story! keep it up with your amazing writing skills please~!
8/16/2011 c58 7A-Crimson-Memory
Awe :( over so soon! I really enjoyed this story! I'm gonna miss Rafe so much and his unique voice! I loved thos story! I'm really happy I found it!
8/15/2011 c56 A-Crimson-Memory
Well I guess one night stands are better then nothing although I wished Peter and Jake would have hooked up but you're right... They're not ready for relationships. I like this chapter because it was a calm filler chapter.
8/15/2011 c55 A-Crimson-Memory
Oh that was such a tender chapter. They definitely rekindled their love in the most perfect way and in the back of my mind I knew Jake and Peter were going to hook up! And I really hope Peter and Jake date. It will be a great turn around for Jake and he'lldefinitely be happy :)
8/15/2011 c54 A-Crimson-Memory
Okay the ending was perfecto! :) I don't know if anyone else caught it but when Rafe said he couldn't find the tune to go with the lyrics and Dan started playing the music to go along with it from memory, you could tell they're soul mates. Even when they're apart they're in sync. They can feel each other's remorse. That's why Dan's chords fit so well with Rafe's lyrics. God, I love how deep your story is! There's such a deeper meaning that you have to really dig in to to understand!
8/15/2011 c53 A-Crimson-Memory
Oh my god this is killing me! I want everything to go back to normal! I want Dan and Jake to talk and then I want Dan to rush over to Rafe's and kiss him breathless!
8/15/2011 c52 A-Crimson-Memory
Oh god Dan is pissing me off! He doesn't deseve it! Rafe doesn't deserve this heartbreak! They need to rekindle their love by making love and it needs to happen quick! I sort of hope that happens in the next 6 chapters!
8/15/2011 c51 A-Crimson-Memory
Never. Never had i read a chapter that brought tears to my eyes. I could just feel the pain Rafe and Jake felt! :/ Im really upset right now. he'll talk and be happy to everyone but Jake and Rafe. Hell! Rafe didn't deserve it! Oh I hope this next chapter turns sappy!
8/15/2011 c50 A-Crimson-Memory
What the hell! Okay I can't be mad at Rafe because Dan only led him to do such a sordid act! And the fact that Dan is punishing him for the whole mess up is wrong! I want Dan to beg Rafe to forgive him! He was the one who said he couldn't stand to be away from him and now he's isolating himself! What the fuck? Things better change or I'll trip out seriously
8/15/2011 c49 A-Crimson-Memory
Okay when Dan called Sam's phone that Pissed me off! I could understand if he cut all ties off with everyone for the 3 weeks but to call San but not talk to Rafe is fucked up! He wanted this with Rafe and now that he has him he goes an acts like a total jerk! For cripes sake Dan is only breaking Rafe's heart
8/15/2011 c48 A-Crimson-Memory
Oh my! Only 10 more chapters and hopefully things work out by then. I swear your description is songreat that I feel like your story is a movie instead of words! I can picture everything that's happened; with Jake screaming at Dan with the band scolding Dan and Rafe and the punch tossed at Rafe it's just realistic! your story needs to be turned into

a movie no doubt!
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