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for Calling Down The Feds

9/15/2005 c1 16Slinkygirl
something I thought you might like to know. FEMA could have been there a lot sooner. Blanco held them up. Not sure why but she did. FEMA had hunkered down only two hours drive away from New Orleans. Don't say it's impossible to get into the city. It's not, I've been there. They don't even ask for I.D. just tell you to be out by nightfall if you can. There is a presence there, but it's not enough. They can't get enough fast enough. Look to Blanco if you want more answers.

9/10/2005 c1 Eboniccinderella
What people do is blame someone before they know what that personal is responsible for.FEMA just got a new chief who was oblivious and probably did not know this would happen.They truly cannot be blamed.

But this essay does seem apathetic to the fate of the people.Whether we knew what would happen or not,it's still depressing that these people cannot be helped.Rumsfield said that we should not expect the local government to have done anything since they were victims too.

"For people in positions of public significance to suggest that those agencies are doing anything other than the best they know how to do just because New Orleans is a predominantly black, democratic city is vile."

There's such thing as institutional racism.Now while I believe that nobody in the federal government blatantly remarked,'let's leave them to drown because they're black',I do believe economic status would have been something they judged and economic status and race happen to be intertwined.I doubt that an area with upper class Americans,which would be predominately white,would have gotten more help because they would have been able to help themselves leave before the storm.These poor people in Mississippi,Alabama,and New Orleans could not escape because they did not have the means too and no one tried to help them 'til after the fact.

I'm glad you showed Mayor Naygin some respect because I would not have.I understand him being upset,but he still could have been professional and eloquent in expressing his anger.

Good essay.This is the best defense for the govenrnment I've read.
9/8/2005 c1 James Jago
There is a great deal of truth in what you write. I believe that mistakes were made at numerous levels, but any censure should be witheld until the state of emergency ends. The bravery of the police, National Guardsmen and civilian volunteers is not in doubt, and it's not as if there has been a Category 5 hurricane in living memoryThere is however one issue that demands a great deal of soul-searching from the people of the United States: how is it that the 20% of the population of New Orleans left behind also happened to be the poorest? Is it simply the mayor's tardiness in ordering an evacuation, or something deeper. It calls for some soul-searching here, too; if London (which is in terrain not terribly different from New Orleans) were hit by a similar disaster, would it be any better?
9/5/2005 c1 27Typewriter King
A wide swath it cut, indeed it was. Spotted the buses with Google Earth, so consider that point fact-checked by me. In case you didn’t know, they worked. According to the Houston Chronicle, a 20-year-old named Jabbar Gibson stole one of them and drove it to Houston, after loading up some sick people. There’s some initiative!

The storm drenched a floodplain, a massive one. People should keep in mind that the whole Deep South, Louisiana, Mississippi, and ’Bama, is one big floodplain. That’s great for growing rice and cotton, but a storm can mess you up fast.

Kudos on correct Guard statistics. I should point out that military’s transformation from a Cold War force built around the slow-moving division to a fast-reacting group of mid-sized brigades hasn’t finished. Everyone recall Operation: Just Cause (Panama) in 1989. Back then, even the supposed elite rapid reaction force, the 101st Airborne Division, couldn’t pack up in time to take part in ending the hostilities. We’ve actually come a long ways if even Guard units not suited for Operation: Enduring Freedom can arrive in 96 hours.

As for why the city and state authorities broke down, it fits into my general conspiracy theory about America’s two-party system. Because the President will ultimately receive the blame for poor results, agents of the minority party will typically sabotage local government, generating disapproval of the POTUS. Remember, he’s “the worst president in history” so “anyone but he” should be president, and “if you vote for Badnarik, Nader, Peroutka, Cobb, Brown, or even Peltier, you’re voting for him.” See how that works? Okay, so it isn’t really a genuine conspiracy theory, just a rehash of the “obstructionist” complaint. Still, it could have happened. Expect to see Governor Blanco travel giving testimonials about the “slow Republican response” in 2008.
9/5/2005 c1 16MIDNIGHT-PIXIE
thank you for what you have written. you speak so much more elequently then i do and am sure you will not get the flames for what you have written as i have. i agree for the most part. FEMA was there helping, though they may not have been that prepared. it was the rescuing that the governemnt did not have a handle. if something like this ever happens again perhaps FEMA will know what to do so that criticism does not fall on them again. they are not a solitary organization and they did what they could with what they had.

9/5/2005 c1 5On Mercury
The way I saw what was happening was a complete lack of organisation. I don't know whether the authorities were just doing badly, or there was racism (somehow, even I find that hard to believe), or they were grossly unprepared, but it was a sham of a rescue operation. The fact that Bangladesh has had to start sending aid is ridiculous. Many reporters on the BBC and Sky who have reported on the tsunami and third world disasters reckoned this was much, much worse, and I'm inclined to rely on their opinions, since I don't go "newshunting" like you claim to, and I trust they are on my TV because they earned it. Yes, there is always an agenda when a news station reports, but so? It's someone's opinion. I'll go on the internet later. But when a disaster happens, I tend to watch the TV, because they have the information and the pictures, and I'd like to see for myself.

Your essay was well informed, I'll say that for you. But you didn't persuade me on this: the scenes at the Superdome were horrific, and you know it. And the fact that the president would not even make his way down there until a couple of days after the storm cleared. Deeply disappointing. Bush flew around in his plane for a while, landed wel away from New Orleans, and left again. He should have been straight down there, on the scene. Not because he could achieve anything. Not because everybody would stop beating, raping, mugging and shooting each other. But because at that moment, New Orleans and the neighbouring cities and states that were hit needed leadership. Leadership, from a man that circled nervously the first day, staring out the window.

Why was the city transportation out shut down? I saw the buses too, and it was puzzling why people were made to wait longer in the hellhole of the Superdome. It was disturbing, how badly things had been organised, and that's probably why so many people thought it was racism or class warfare.

I don't think the actual soldiers or police are not doing their job properly, and if that's what you meant by "agencies", then I agree. But the bureaucratic level and above respnded appallingly, and just because they are "our guys" doesn't mean they are above criticism.

9/5/2005 c1 57tofujunky
Considering how much funding for disaster preparedness was cut to finance the occupation of Iraq, I think FEMA and such have done the best they can with what they were given.
9/5/2005 c1 Blackhammer
Well spoken.To no trust, you clearly despise government anything. Yet you use so many of their services, like roads, water, and so much more. So before you start bitching about the government not doing enough or being incompetent, think of all the other stuff they have to do: run a country of three hundred million people.
9/5/2005 c1 15No Trust
To the extent that the people that stayed behind actually relied on these meddling losers to rescue them, or protect them, they signed their own death warrants. Congrats on the Darwin Awards, folks. See you again never.
9/5/2005 c1 S.T. Lawrence
Well said Cody!

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