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for Can one eyelash take on the world?

6/7/2006 c1 7My Amadeus
I love this poem...it's so hopeful and optimistic. And, yes, I've heard of the eyelash=wish. It's so quaint and I don't know. Great job with this! I like the short poems. Thanks so much for reviewing my poem! The 'handsome stranger'...loved your take on it.
2/4/2006 c1 CyanMaelstrom
I like this... I get the image of an eyelash looking (doesn't really have eyes, but whatever) daringly up at the sky and saying, "BRING IT ON!"
1/3/2006 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Very good take on a superstition that is universal. I like how you continued the feeling into other areas, and made this a wonderful read because it asks questions that all seem to ask at times.
10/1/2005 c1 58White Tea and Ginger
I like this. An interesting thought.
10/1/2005 c1 deletemyaccount2012
I like the questions you have in this poem, nicely written.
9/19/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
Uplifting. Just lovely.
9/9/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
I like the last line... nice job
9/8/2005 c1 24Glowing Aura
cute poem! Hey, I believe in the Butterfly Effect, so I think I can believe in the Eyelash Wish. :-) How about you?
9/7/2005 c1 hann
aww! i understand that one, very nice!
9/6/2005 c1 20Ode to Maddness
that is cute

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