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for A Rose Upon Sea

11/8/2006 c13 marianne
Good writing. Very descriptive, easy to follow. Good period-language. Best period-language. It is certainly most like Pirates so far; Port Royal, 'Are you decent,' kidnapping,
10/29/2006 c13 16Wing Chant
Oi there matey!

*whistle of disbelief*

I'm quite surprised Captain Graham is treating Virginia with such hospitality. He must have something up his sleeve, it's not like a pirate to host their captive like that. O_O What is he planning...hm...I suppose that's what you're having problems plotting out because you haven't updated in a long, long time. :( Please hurry soon!

10/29/2006 c12 Wing Chant
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a long, long time. You haven't updated that much lol so I only have Chappie 13 to read before I'm all caught up, however, I do hope your enormously long hiatus doesn't last too much longer because I'm really hoping you'll continue writing. You use just the right amount of detail to keep me hooked and interested. ^^ Ooh, love the Captain Graham character! He's such a...well...pirate! LOL!

10/2/2006 c13 1Priz
Well, it's been long...very long...i hope your writers block goes away...
6/5/2006 c1 Babyblue
one word: UPDATE!
5/25/2006 c2 24IwasSmitten
Great story, description, and metaphors. I love the whole pirate thing!
5/11/2006 c1 1Priz
Nice story. Enthralling from the very beginning. I like the details of this story. It literally projects a picture in your mind.
5/1/2006 c13 Michelle Habibi
you like to write, right? so WRITE! next chapter. and the one after that. and the one after that. and, i think you get my point by now...of you don't...you're really dense aren't you? LOL, i like this story please continue writing.

-Michelle Habibi
4/7/2006 c13 Gabby
I still think it's a good story, and i can't wait until the next chapter.
4/2/2006 c13 2TirzahRuth
I like your writing, and it seems like you've got a good plot going, but we are on Chapter 13 now, and I am getting way bored. You need to put some excitement in this thing, or otherwise you'll lose reviewers. Now, I'll grant that the whole capture at Port Royal was exciting, but now you're lagging...put some spice back into the story before we fall asleep half way through the chapter!

3/19/2006 c1 Babyblue
hey its been awhile since u last updated, please update ASAP!
3/9/2006 c12 Babyblue
I really like the story so far, but it does sound a lot like Pirates of the Carribean. I like the part about how Virginia's presence on the ship is a mystery still and we don't know why. Good job and keep updating
2/25/2006 c11 16Wing Chant
Gah, I finally get to review this...okay, well, I love the consistancy in your descriptions and imagery. They are very visual and colorful, I can actually see your characters interacting in the particular environment your setting them in. Awesome job! I also would like to compliment you on your dialogue scenes. They are very well written and realistic to believe... I like how you capture just the right amount of personality to make your characters flesh out when they interact with one another. O_O Good freaking job, again!

Keep on writing and I shall continue reading,

2/18/2006 c11 Gabby
I still like this story. update soon!:)
2/12/2006 c11 3Lady Wrye
Heath is quite a noble fellow ;)

Although maybe Virginia doesn't need rescuing...
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