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10/23/2005 c15 24Sarah-Brighteyes
15. Reflecting

I found this beautiful...and haunting almost. Perhaps its my halloween spirit rising *smile*. I love the comparison with vampires to the "I"...the invisibility. I guess the way we look at ourselves. Alright so I have a new favorite. These just seem to get better and better.

16. Cheeky

ha. I found this ironic and quite cute. I think I feel this way so much. Where you dig for something to say but it never comes out... so you write to be Deep. ha Nice

This whole collection was brilliant. bravo to you and your writing. Keep up the good work. I will have to check out some more of your work soon. Bravo once more!
10/23/2005 c12 Sarah-Brighteyes
12. Hands Off

Wow. Talk about powerful piece of writing. I guess I would have to say this is probably your most "wow" piece you have. Something I didnt expect.

13. Fountian

Almost a metaphor for a good day going sour for someone. Or for a pessimist of course. Another favorite of mine.

14. Heavenly injection

Talk about angsty little piece. Taking drugs and perhaps death over God.. or maybe People who follow God. Interesting. Dark and creepy almost... one of those that make someone shiver.
10/23/2005 c10 Sarah-Brighteyes
10. Kiss my Knowledge

A questioning haiku...very good. Almost like it should be expected and I would say yes to the question it asks... yes lovers should.

11. Pause

How sad...Like you are so caught up in the world and life you forget to miss something. I guess I took this as miss maybe a past friend or a memory or a talent that was long forgotten, like my piano playing days. ha... just me babbling, but I liked this.

You do very well with Haikus.
10/23/2005 c7 Sarah-Brighteyes
I like the definition of an american haiku... makes me wonder about trying to write a few myself *smile*

7. Life Squared.

I like the titles of your pieces. They make the whole look chic almost. This one was good. I love the ending. made me smile. Seems we always try to do the unimaginable and end up slipping. But the whole line, "remind me to stop." Gives me the feeling that you dont give up easily. I like that.

8. Worshipping the River

Reminds me of a craving for God. Beautiful piece. I think I found it very whimsicle almost... you have a niec little higher thinking on this. Very nice. This will have to go in my list of favorites from this collection.

9. In Love

I love this. Oh my goodness I think I almost held my breath a little too long when I read it. Gorgeous description. You can almost feel the aching beneath your own ribcage when you read this. Beautiful.
10/23/2005 c5 Sarah-Brighteyes
5. Pieces of Story Glass

I found this very powerful. So far my favorite of the lot. "Scraped Metal." Used but malleable...perhaps it can be reshaped. Just a thought... gossip at its worse perhaps... lies at their best? Interesting.

6. You

Okay, I lied ha. I think this is my favorite so far hehe. To be noticed over wind and earth *sigh* almost what you want to feel when you first fall in love or someone falls in love with you. Beautiful... absolutely.
10/23/2005 c4 Sarah-Brighteyes
This one reminds me of my old home and the office where my parents worked. Books and fireplace and the pungency of lemon pine on the wood floors and pledged counters.

I decided to reveiw two or three haikus at a time to save from you clicking the reveiw a billion times ha.

The last one, "Sit" Was interesting. I dont know many people who dont sit and think when they sit. What else do you do? Though I do think there are other things to do... but just the bluntness was interesting.

Good writes so far. Onward I say...
10/23/2005 c2 Sarah-Brighteyes
Hahaha How cute is this piece.

Perhaps it has a deeper meaning? Historical maybe.

But I found it picturesque (sp...I cant spell worth moses).

Moving on...
10/23/2005 c1 Sarah-Brighteyes
I found this Haiku wonderful. It's almost a growing point...when you realize you are stronger than you think you are. Your "tears turn to steel."

Such a wonderfully powerful piece of writing.

It was inspiring to read.
10/20/2005 c16 6Nobody-n-Particular
As if poetry is not deep when its the expression of the human soul?
10/18/2005 c1 louize
awesome. push limits.
10/16/2005 c16 21Drops of Acid
My second favorite chibi has got a haiku and I like it! It is short sweet and to the point.

Love, Asylum~
10/7/2005 c15 6Nobody-n-Particular
Very nice.
10/7/2005 c14 Nobody-n-Particular
10/7/2005 c13 Nobody-n-Particular
Depression cannot recede.
10/7/2005 c12 Nobody-n-Particular
The foreboding of this...
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