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for The Eternal Paradox

7/29/2008 c1 23fatbird33
wow. this is super deep and insightful. i love it! huzzahs for you!
8/30/2006 c1 9dragonfire-lina144
Makes sense, at least in the "nutshell" form that you've written it in. This idea intrigues me, even though something at the back of my mind is disagreeing...I think this shall become the subject of many a convincing arguement. Well done.
5/17/2006 c1 20Lilliana Krishante
Fantastic work. You have accomplished to put into words what some of us only think. I would be quite interested in hearing other thoughts of ours. A shame you aren't an atheist. But your religion gives you an interesting starting point. Very nicely written.
11/3/2005 c1 16Wing Chant
Very philosophical. ^-^ I think your tone was sophisticated and really fit the whole theme which it fits under. ^-^ Why are we here? Why were we created? What is the purpose for our existance?

I agree that maybe Man creates a purpose of himself or herself by seeking one. Great essay, it really displays integrity and gives the readers many questions to tickle their minds black and blue. o_O Why the hell ARE we here? lol

loserz. ;)

Ps/ Thanks for the advice you gave me. I'll take it into account during my next editing raid. Hehe. ^-^
10/14/2005 c1 18Plinky
Really interesting piece of writing. I'm in a philosophical mood now! I agree with a lot of what you have said here.It's true, I think every human being believes that there is more to us than there is to animals. As an atheist, I'm not quite sure what I think about the part about our imaginations creating god - I do agree, I think. I don't like thinking about it cos I always end up confused and agnostic, which is a pain. Lol. I do agree with almost everything you've said, maybe everything actually, but I will have to go and think about it.I love the line at the end "By seeking a purpose we have created one." Very profound! Keep writing!
9/21/2005 c1 14TookyToucan
hm... methoughts you were roman catholic... HM... but then i guess that makes you not entirely believe in what you wrote, or else you'd REALLY believe we created God and not be catholic... hehe, but anyways, interesting little thing you wrote here. as other reviewers say, it'd be interesting to delve deeper...
9/9/2005 c1 19Rhea Valente
Hm... most interesting... it does make you think... i hope you will add in other chappies in order to delve deeper into this little conundrum, perhaps even adding in more topics, like, who is to say what is right and/or wrong? Does god really exist? Is there really life after death? And such like, If you do, i will be most interested in reading on...

As for now, good work. What you're writing about is pretty deep, but you wrote it in such a way, it does not seem confusing to a simpleton like meself! ^_^ good work!
9/8/2005 c1 Stacey A
I think it is very interesting. I am very interested in philosophy and such. Even though it was short, I believe you proved that it was well thoought out and you were also able to express your thoughts on a complicated matter very clearly. Great job!
9/8/2005 c1 15No Trust
Gentlemen... BEHOLD!
9/8/2005 c1 19Killer chin BC
This is interesting but I feel you need to develope it more, as there's lots of room here to go deeper. Good writing, keep it up.
9/8/2005 c1 Kissless Goodbye
I love this. This writing is exactly the style i most love to write it, sort of philosophical essay. Your ideas are good, probably not original because it is next to impossible to ever get an "original" thought, with so many minds in the world, but ur ideas are nonetheless interesting.

Great writing! You're welcome to review some of my essay work if u like.

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