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for Joy Forged From Tears

9/22/2005 c5 4bex17
Well done, but who's Keiichi?
9/22/2005 c4 bex17
Nice fourth chapter! I really enjoyed it, well written. Reading on...
9/13/2005 c5 6Renzie
Nice chapter :) Fast update, too! This only thing I was unsure about was: "No they weren’t, as usual. See you in a few minutes Father." "Yes child." I don't know about 'child' in a close relationship. xD Chapter 5 could be a little bit longer, but that's basically all I have to say! 3 Awesome job so far! Continue, continue ^^

~ 3

9/11/2005 c3 Renzie
Yea, the names are a bit confusing :) Not so much that it's insanely dumb, but enough to wish for less characters. I didn't really like the end of Tatsuya's POV. It just sounds kinda weird ^^' Minuet's POV was good. I liked how the beginning of both are similar in many ways.

Please continue! So far, I am interested.

3 Renzie
9/11/2005 c3 4bex17
Okay, I like it! I think maybe it's need to be more exciting to attract more readers. But nice job anyway!
9/11/2005 c2 bex17
Okay, the names are starting to confuse me, but that's okay! So great first chapter! If you could read my story 'Mike' or 'Like to Death' by Gigi&Bexcy that would be great, thanks...
9/11/2005 c1 bex17
okay...I have no idea where this is going, but i'll read on...

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