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4/4/2006 c1 48Vyvyan
Extreamly well writen. It shows truely the fear and antisipation. Well done.
12/11/2005 c1 6Eleytheria
Wow! I hope you continue to write more poetry. Full of feeling.
11/26/2005 c1 18icequeen401
aw thats really good
11/19/2005 c1 133Dying Rose
Wow, very cool! you did a great job on getting the horrid feeling of waiting, waiting...Not knowing what you'll hear. I hate that! :( Good portrayal and wording here.
11/3/2005 c1 45Quitisential Bee
..*gaping mouth*...wow...i love!
9/12/2005 c1 FrozenKiwi
This is mahvelous. I especially like the ending, with the suspenseful feeling you leave in us. Cheers!
9/12/2005 c1 68Ildri
Wow! i know where you got that from!your back is ok now right?that's a good poem and i can totally relate!

do you know what you should do?you should read my story! ch 13 is up!see ya at school!(god i hate saying that!)~PB
9/11/2005 c1 1k+Faithless Juliet
Deep, and well-detailed, I know how this feels more then I can say.Keep up the good work.

Much love,Juliet.

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