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4/7/2010 c1 7Roxy Nadine
Wow. It sounds so much like me, but better written. I'm falling in love with your talent. Keep on
10/8/2005 c1 8ValkyrieRavenfeather
If you must know, Cynically Yours, the answer is yes, I am trying to start a flame war. *rolls eyes* NO, I'm trying to make all of you MORONS realize how much it hurts to hear "faggot" and "that's gay" all the time! You seem to think that a) we are deaf to the insults, b) it's impossible that a homosexual could exist in an envrionment anywhere near you, or c) we have no feelings. So don't tell me to stop flaming you for your homophobic words. If you were using "that's Jewish," as many kids do at my school as well, in spite of the Jewish population, you would think that was wrong. I mean, the Jews are actually PEOPLE! They were killed in the Halocaust! So let's go ahead and ignore the fact that homosexuals were also killed in the Halocaust. Oh, and I find it VERY amusing that you should call me childish when I am insulting you for being childish and assuming that it's okay to insult a group of people that includes 10-35 percent of the population.
10/7/2005 c1 Cynically Yours
I like the tone, but the emotions run a little erratically.

That aside, are you trying to start a flame war? Yea "gay" means homosexual, but learn to live with the ugly world that is slang. I learned to put up with "irregardless". And it really doesn't help to call me a moron because of my diction, claiming that using gay in that context is ignorant when the review itself reveals your childish nature.

keep writing.
9/23/2005 c1 24Moonjava
So, so sad but I like it.

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