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for The Last Light that Shines Story II

7/9/2006 c17 2Mugbug
Um... um... Should she end up with John? or Isaac? um... I dunno! um... I like John but he's a little desperate... Isaac is a little too "Pretty boy" but he's an attractive guy overall... YOU DECIDE! too much for my little brain! AH!
12/27/2005 c17 2Rose Jameson
SAY YES! lol MARRY ISAAC! lol sorry I didnt review for you last couple of chapters, I just moved to a new state, and have been busy. But I must say chap 15 WAS GREAT! Then I wanted to cut of stupid Johns Penis.GOSH thats all that guys think with. ARGUH If I was Emily in Chapter 16, I would have led on John then hurt him bad...idk what I would have done, but trust me it would have hurt him lol. Then CHapter 17 SWEET! She's got to Marry Isaac! he's so kind, romantic, sexii, sigh he's great lol Keep it up Hun!
11/14/2005 c14 RotoCanyon
OHH, me likey, Isaac Davis!-rOTO-
11/14/2005 c13 RotoCanyon
Poor, poor, B.Laures!Do not be discouraged; for Stephanie V. is here!-rOTOcANYON-
11/14/2005 c12 RotoCanyon
Does Caroline remind you of Eliah?-rOTOcANYON-P.S. Eliah's quite not like Caroline; but Caroline certainly seems to be an exaggeration of your little sis!
11/14/2005 c11 RotoCanyon
And I said 'Scandelous' before?WELL, NO! SCANDELOUS, now!-rOTOcANYON-
11/14/2005 c10 RotoCanyon
Now, I'm seriously crying!-rOTO-
11/14/2005 c9 RotoCanyon
This is the only chapter (so far) that I do not like Emily!-rOTOcANYON-
11/14/2005 c8 RotoCanyon
Is John anyone we know? HEHEHE!-rOTOcANYON-P.S. Just kidding, but he does sound an awful like of your portrayel of Michael H.
11/14/2005 c7 RotoCanyon
SCANDELOUS! (I know; I know- too many Recess episodes!)-rOTOcANYON-P.S. Mom says to thank your Mother for the cake!
11/14/2005 c6 RotoCanyon
You should turn this into a whole other story, leaving it to intertwine with the Jane Trilogies.-rOTOcANYON-(P.S. I don't understand the trilogy thing; is this the second part of the trilogy or the second part of the first book of the trilogy?)
11/14/2005 c5 RotoCanyon
(P.S. If you didn't figure out the name thing- it's me, Stephanie V.)What's up with the short chap? Loved it, though!
11/14/2005 c4 RotoCanyon
Hey, B. Love your dog, he's so cute! Anyway, sorry about the strawberry thing. (How was I to know you would break in little spots?)Love the story!-rOTO cANYON-(P.S. If you couldn't figure it out, it's Stephanie!)
11/14/2005 c3 RotoCanyon
Aw; how sweet!-rOTOcANYON-
11/14/2005 c2 RotoCanyon
I liked the introduction from Jane's point of view into the main part of this story. Keep up the good work!-rOTOcANYON-
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