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1/26/2014 c9 69Shadowswept
I'm so glad you left these chapters on this site, because I never would have found your story otherwise. Congratulations on getting published! I bought the book from Amazon, and I wasn't disappointed. I love these bad boy stories, and Adonis is exactly the kind I like. So hot! It was interesting to read both versions and see the changes that you made. I like having both the original and the final draft of their first hook up. There were some parts I liked better in one and other parts I liked better in the other one. Anyway, this is brilliant advertising to make readers want to buy your book. After reading that scene in chapter 8, I had to find out what happens next.
1/7/2014 c1 chrissysam
Hey there, I really love this story and hope you accept me.
12/23/2013 c1 chananigans
So happy to be able to access a new revised version of tangled! I love your writing! The new tangled was great very enjoyable... But I still LOVE the original! Great work on both, looking forward to more from you in the future ;)
12/18/2013 c1 sega bananer
I'm so sad right now. I don't if it's just amazon who's fukcing with me or if it's the fact that I'm in Sweden - but I cant purchase it, it doesn't work! Aaargh! And I have been waiting for this for sooo long.

Is it possible to buy it from somewhere else?
12/16/2013 c32 Guest
OMG! That's fantastic news!
12/15/2013 c32 ess3sandra
I will most definitely support this!

12/15/2013 c32 1Damned to heaven
Trying to get my triangle fix but Tangled isn't available to me...is it not available to U.K readers or is amazon just being a twit? :)
9/21/2013 c1 Guest
*sheepish face* turns out there is a warning

I just didn't read that far down in the summary. Sorry
9/21/2013 c9 Guest
SERIOUSLY?! It'd be nice if there was a warning before hand that the chapters are removed.. Sigh.. Why do theives exist, need some internet police to put the fear of plagiarism into people
9/21/2013 c5 Guest
I don't like Cameron... He's stringing her along the selfish prick! Also he doesn't stick up for her when his idiot friend is insulting her and her mother to that extreme

For someone who 'cares' he does shit all, Tess can do so much better! Rant over. On with the story
9/21/2013 c4 Guest
Kane named after the wrestler! That made me smile

I really feel for Tess, you write really well I feel really drawn in
7/14/2013 c1 Ldw226
I LOVED this story the first time I read it, which was years ago.
12/29/2012 c9 savannah123
What a good story, can't wait until its out o ebook.
12/21/2012 c9 ALYNO
Oh my, that was really hot scene between Tess and Adonis, oh so cruel to be able to only read up to that chapter!

Tess has fantastic chemistry with both guys so I have a feeling this triangle is a well executed one. Her dynamic with each one is so different but equally engaging. Aaah I want more!
12/14/2012 c1 silvana94

I just happened to stumble upon this story now and found it fascinating only to find out it was removed, I like your characterization and the mood in the story is mysterious! I think I might sign into plagarism haven and see if I can continue reading. You are quite talented :)
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