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for Of Truth and Correspondence

1/22/2017 c10 Marie Starr
I feel like Jonas and Gary are mean. I mean they make fun of Harris and are insensitive to what's happening. I mean sure they are nice guys but it seems as if they are insensitive, and I feel like that will be a big turn to what happens to Andrew. Looking forward to how this will develope.
8/21/2016 c10 serwaverider
It is my own fault, somehow I missed the fact that COMPLETE was missing from the summary, and I really really really hate reading stories that leave you hanging. This was one of my favorites until I realized my mistake.
8/21/2016 c9 serwaverider
The Truth always comes out. Sometimes it takes awhile. Always.
8/21/2016 c7 serwaverider
My guess is that Troy has feelings for Drew and knows that Drew likes Jonas. Christy seems shallow; I personally want to know why she thinks Jonas is a loser, apart from being a grade ahead of him and from a different school.
8/21/2016 c6 serwaverider
I think Drew's attitude is the right one, very mature. It is a good friend kind of thing to do, and a good person kind of thing to do, after all we do try to help others when we can, don't we?
8/21/2016 c3 serwaverider
Adonisis? Adonai? They suck. Their esp ability to shut down brains, especially language centres has been scientifically proven for millennia by us plebeians.
5/10/2015 c10 Guest
Somehow I can imagine Christy making use of Andrew to make her go on a date.
I can also imagine how Christy fall for Andrew. Like Akame ga Kill.
Christy just haven't found the one for her. Maybe she's actually a nice girl inside. I really dont hate her, but if you could make a plot twist or something like that, make her become Andrew's friend or make her interested in the "perculiar red head", I think I would really love this story
4/16/2014 c10 KashiRyuu
Ah, you sure know how to pull on those heart strings. Tears and rainbows. Am I correct about these pesky, recurring feelings of "like " from troy? Maybe not, but it's fun as hell to guess. Enough of my yammering and more about you my sweets. Love the characters, the inner workings of little Andrew being my fav. I found myself reading at a nice, non-stopping (because I can't) pace. This also entitles you to write more. Which I'm looking forward too.

-Your humble reader


I also make to offer out any service I could possibly give you, don't feel pressured or tied down into answering.
9/27/2012 c10 gaear
Hello i love this story and i hope you don't stop it. I would like you udapte it very soon please ?!
7/21/2012 c10 2heyitsstupidme
the story is awesome, I really like Troy
11/5/2011 c10 GrimreaperSR
And this is why it's better to tell the truth no matter how much it hurts! Man! I can't wait for the next chapter!
5/29/2011 c10 1Springerlight
I'm still reading~ Still reading!

I'd love to read more of this...even if it has been years.

You can really tell how much Andrew's suffering thinking about having to tell the truth..
12/20/2009 c10 rae2009
are you going to update it? its been years! its rly rly rly rly rly good!
11/27/2009 c10 2Fuurou
xD Well, seems you stopped writing after the tenth chapter. S'okay, I understand, I understand. Dunno how Andrew could've convinced Christy-bitch to go out with loverboy-Jonas anyway. :/ He'd have to be very persuasive, I think.

Well, I'm off to find more awesome fics like this. ^_^ Good luck with the rest of your writing conquests!
11/27/2009 c7 Fuurou
Methinks Andrew and Troy belong together! Not only does Troy actually pay attention to Andrew, he does seem to like him in that way. ^_^ Well, he's beginning to get around to that feeling. End of chapter 7 and I'm sure he's just confused right now- Troy, that is. Andrew's still trying to convince himself he has friends. Doubt he'll be up for anything more for a long while.

But hey, as long as all four of the gang end up happy I'm fine... though I'd be even more happy to see someone empty a trash bin on Christy's empty head.
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