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3/14/2006 c37 6FraxinusRoi
Beautiful. Your style is wonderfully grotty, very real without the restraint I've noticed in people trying to write about "underground" scenes, especially those of London. I was fortunate enough to experience enough of it during a summer tour of Europe, and I think you captured it very well. I enjoyed the story, as well as your portrayel of the characters. It's rare that I like both aspects of a piece. It's always either a wonderful plot, but ultimately forgettable charactors, or very well developed charactors and no plot.

I seem to be rambling.

Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely.

Thank you.
1/23/2006 c37 Arsenic.Dreams
I'm so glad they finally get back together again (I hope). And I hope they learnt a very good lesson. I, too, am going to miss reading this story.
1/16/2006 c37 1Freakage
Ha! I absolutely loved how you ended the chapter; pure, hilariousness, even if that isn't a word.
1/15/2006 c37 7ziggy pop eno
Amazing! My favorite chapter yet. It's going to be a great ending, I can tell-I'll miss this story.
1/15/2006 c37 6FoRd PrEfEcT13
I just read this whole thing. It's really good, despite some massive conventions errors.
1/10/2006 c36 Arsenic.Dreams
I liked this chapter. I hope Cal will realize how Mac feels about her. They do need each other. Great job. Can't wait for more!
1/4/2006 c36 3scrtshdfgry
i like this. keep it up.
1/4/2006 c36 1Freakage
Kick ass, reminds me of the Cobalt scene, or what it used to be, in Vancouver. Really excited to read more.
1/4/2006 c36 7ziggy pop eno
What a sweet chapter. Nice to have something good happen to them :D Happy new year!
1/4/2006 c35 5sixtytwokg
haven't read this in a while.. i liked "Dare" and "It's Not Worth It"

which is not to say i didn't like the rest, but those were the two chapters i really liked

"because I just don't care," i enjoyed reading that line, Callahan's behavior is fascinating
12/17/2005 c35 Arsenic.Dreams
Ah, the beginning of a breakthrough for Cal. Can't wait to read more!
12/15/2005 c35 7ziggy pop eno
I think perhaps Cal's getting closer to admitting her feelings for Mac. This chapter really seems like a development. Good job.
12/14/2005 c34 Arsenic.Dreams
I feel like giving them both a big smack. Cal is becoming so tragic. She certainly needs something to make her feel alive again and that's Mac (or I least think so). I can't wait until the next chapter!
12/14/2005 c34 ziggy pop eno
Is mac going to do something about it I hope he does. Another good chapter!
12/12/2005 c33 Arsenic.Dreams
I am kind of curious about what happened in those few months. Anyways, I hope Mac and Cal will be able to get back together. They are both so stubborn!
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