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1/23/2006 c1 Beej
Hey, it's Annie from Sketch... this is pretty good and I like the free-versy-ness of it with a few rhymes that kinda catch ya off guard... I like stuff like that... This poem, though, shows extremely obvious influences from Britney Spears, Evanescence, and Kelly Clarkson (all of whom you listed as some of your favorites...) so I'm wondering if you wrote it as more of a homage/take-off on their songs, or if you actually feel any of this. If the former, remember, it's always the most truthful poetry that is the best. It gets a little long & repetitive which is sometimes a good thing but you might want to edit it down (just a li'l bit, though, cuz long IS good...)...so alright. It's pretty good. Maybe a bit more sentimental than I personally like, but I mean that's just me.
11/8/2005 c1 270queenvixta
Oh I like this! Great wording and really powerful writing. This would sound great as a song I'm sure! Great job! QueenVixta
9/22/2005 c1 7xxstarxstuddedxskiesxx
Cool. I especially love this part:

My artificial love, show some compassion,

Pretend to care for my fragmented soul.

That shows true talent.
9/19/2005 c1 115HauntedMisery
Very good, great job!

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