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for Echoes of the Past

4/24/2009 c16 1xXEzaelePlusMorpheusXx
3/20/2009 c16 xXx.Fallen.Angel.xXx
This is really really good. I love the characters and can't wait to see what happens next. I hope you getthe next one out soon!
3/5/2009 c16 71Subbie
OMG this sounds so promising! I LOVE it! Please, please, please update soon!

Ah! the suspense!

5/14/2008 c16 2RoxxorzBoxxerz
cliffhanger-ish =3 have ya quit this story?
1/31/2008 c16 the lobster mobster
you're not finishing this?
10/28/2007 c16 1LaylaLivesLoosely
Very interesting!
10/10/2007 c16 9Tempre's Twilight
I love this story. I hope there will be more. Is there the same amount of chapters on AFF as well?

9/19/2007 c14 jammigurl
ah.. this story is GOOD! please do continue it! i cant wait to find out y exactly is eric not ready.. hahhaha there is a reason rite? ahha can it b something to do with how the world works? darn curious as to how this will turn out! not to say the fantastic n intruiging pairing n the switch of body types.. hahha david has only started to bcome for dominant in the laster chapters.. hahah CANT WAIT! update soon? please!
5/28/2007 c2 2DreamsoftheWind
5/28/2007 c1 DreamsoftheWind
great chappie
5/28/2007 c10 DreamsoftheWind
Great story! I loved it.
3/31/2007 c16 shotintherouge
O-o This story is great. No ways about it. Update soon, for all of us waiting, please? (Eric be my fav charrie) (And I like Annie and Saly. TT.TT So sad.)
1/21/2007 c16 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
12/12/2006 c16 30In Darkest Night
And the plot thickens...

Charlene just needs to die, really. It'd solve everyones problems...yet I can respect the wish for Eric to be completely ready for everything the bond entails (and I personally don't think he is, but eh, lol).

Annie is gonna need some serious therapy.

Can't wait for the update!
11/30/2006 c16 Lidyah
Totally adore this story
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