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10/27/2006 c14 OpiumDreams
Well for one thing the TOS is still the same and it states many times of YOUR copyright to the material posted. And another point if FictionPress decided to copyright your material it therefore makes itself responsible for what is being put in it which may lead to a lawsuit. It's just common sense that it would not suddenly decide to own the stories- not to mention it goes against the sites own TOS which we had to agree to.
10/25/2006 c13 10afk
hehehe fun chapter! i want amulet i want magic! XD lol udpate soon! and what's charlene gonna do? O_o
10/24/2006 c13 7SarryMatts
Meh, someone needs to throw rocks at Charlene or something. Looks like she's found a quick replacement for Annie.

Another good chapter

10/23/2006 c13 2Jayn
'nother chappy. Wonderful. One step closer to togetherness. ^_^ Please update!
10/23/2006 c13 21princess max
OK Boys, good work, keep going, HURRY UP AND MAKE IT GOOD AND FAST, lol. Before Charlene gets antoehr 'recruit'
10/23/2006 c13 1K.C. Benadam
Hooray, an update. that was cool and i really like the way the characters are progressing and all. I hope you update soon
10/20/2006 c12 6FoR rEaSoNs UnKnOwN
OMG! I LOVE THIS! i read it all at once. lol this is so awesome!
10/12/2006 c12 61Ruri Star Sykel
i like this story a lot! it's really good and well just plain great and i've enjoied reading it. so please up date the story!
10/10/2006 c12 7SarryMatts
I like the new David lol.

i love how this story reveal s alittle more each chapter.

10/9/2006 c12 2distortedreflection
*Eep* this is great! I really love this story my favorite part of the whole thing would have to be "'You aren’t yet,” David shook his head sagely. “But you will be.'" *giggles*
10/8/2006 c12 2Jayn
This story's freakin awesome. You gotta update soon! Please! ^_^
10/7/2006 c12 K. D. Rayne
EEK! hehe Yay! i love this freakin story!update update update! LOL
10/6/2006 c12 6Ladako
Is little David going to be on top? That's what I'm getting at, even though I think Eric now makes the better topper. I'm just confused. I liked the sweet and cute David, I hope once the fight ends that one will come back. Great Chapter! C ya!
10/5/2006 c2 2M.R.Sanner
oh I like ^ ^. No complaints here ! I love how the story is slowly unfolding .
10/5/2006 c1 M.R.Sanner
wow , ok I'm totally into this ! Way to put a twist on yaoi ! ^ ^.

Very enjoyable to read , I will continue to read more ^ ^.

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