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4/5/2013 c2 6Agcaoili
Aawso so cute! I don't normally read stories like this and I was slightly caught off guard by the whole vampire thing but hey this is really cute.

I hope that if there's angst, I could handle it. Oh and suddenly Glad You Came crept inside my head while reading this chapter.
4/5/2013 c1 Agcaoili
I wasn't expecting that. W-well, he IS Romanian after all. They say vampires exist in Romania.
2/20/2013 c2 4R. Ficst
pretty cute :)
6/19/2012 c2 2NormaJean Beausoleil
cuuute! thanks for sharing!
10/18/2011 c2 1moon01234
Sweet and cool.
2/9/2011 c1 1Shjsj7732
I love this story!
2/4/2008 c2 paputsza
i wasn't serious about the dog thing insomuch. I didn't mean to offend you, i'm sorry.
1/26/2008 c2 5paputsza
yay! pomeranians(and yaoi) but pomeranians don't yip, they bark. it's a ferocious dog. sounds medium sized, and less like a little orange puff.
8/25/2007 c2 6mechante fille
Hi! I was clicking around your links and came over here and was like 'YES!' I was actually looking for this story recently. I just love the whole concept, and the boys are so cute, and I couldn't remember where I had read it. Probably Sky had rec'd it, back before I knew you. Shame on my for not reviewing, though!

Anyway, I reread and squeied all over again. (note my inventive spelling of the squ-word so that fp doesn't cut off the second e. I'm so smrt!)

And, so I don't lose it again, *clicks fav* ^_^
3/2/2007 c2 5Lady Psychic
That was a really cute and enjoyable story. There weren't any noticible spelling or grammar errors. Also, Adriel and Keagan were very likable characters.
12/6/2005 c2 4Raz Nic an t-Saoir
Cute! Cuter than cute! And funny! Yes, I liked. I liked the characters, the zippy little one-liners you kept sneaking in there to make me giggle and the yippy dog. They're always funny. Hurrah! I'll be keeping an eye on you and if it wasn't getting late I'd be reading that other story of yours right now, but it'll have to wait until Friday.
12/6/2005 c1 Raz Nic an t-Saoir
"They defy the laws of physics and therefore cannot possibly exist!‚ÄĚSomeone should tell Keagan that all the fun stuff in life defies logic and physics, it's what makes things interesting. ;)I really liked this. Your writing has this casual ease to it that makes it really relaxing to read. I grinned through this chapter and had to fight the instinct to immediately click onto the next and write a little review first.Oh and I don't know if you intended this or if it's happy coincidence, but Keagan comes from the Gaelic to mean "little firey one". I love that a guy who makes fireworks is called that.
10/18/2005 c2 15Skyla Moon
AW that was so adorable! Oh my gosh now I think *I'll* cry from the cuteness! Seriously!

... So... think there might be a... say, sequel? :P

Anyway, I loved it all, of course, (especially the end and the last line in particular) and I think you do your dialogu really well. It seems very natural.

And, because I'm not cool, I have no advice... my apologies! Hehe. Nice warm-and-fuzzy type review.
10/18/2005 c1 9SDMaxwell
Bwaha! Found ya!

Okay. First off, I'd like to say I really liked this one. Keagan and Adriel are just too cute. Besides which, I like the Millenium Falcon bit and Velvet's dog. All those little things just make it seem more life like. AND because your view on vampires is awesome.

I like the change from making Adriel see violet to letting him see the sunrise. Now I want to see it too. Though I still got a kick out of "A black one!" Mostly because I recognized where it was coming from but also because I kept trying to imagine what a black firework would look like.

However, I also have to say I'm a little sad that it's all over. T_T I liked the characters so much...I didn't want it to end.

I loved it. **glomps** Good job.
10/8/2005 c1 21princess max
You're going to continue this, right? Because I think you need to:)

Possibly the thing I love most about your writing, and what makes it fantastic rather than just 'easy to read' (although I'm a snob when it comes to other people's work and find a lot of fp unreadable) is the way you intersperse facts throughout your stories. The way Shiva asked Cordy about human calendars, Adriel's comments on Romanian culture and the physicist working with fireworks are all excellent touches that make the reader think 'wow, that's pretty cool'. Also, some of your sentences are outstanding. My only suggestion would be to get rid of (sorry, I should have put this in the other review) Shiva saying 'shoot'. The colloquialism sounded too edgy. But that's seriously it.
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