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10/27/2005 c1 1CheesyQuaver
I think it's admirable that you take writing so seriously. It is a great gift to possess and something for which we should all be extremely grateful to have some degree of skill in. It is only natural to discuss and breakdown the components of good writing and I think all the points you make show that you have a mature understanding of this.

I think all artists need to understand the tools of their trade. For writers the tools are words. This means a keen appetite for understanding words and their meanings. Expanding your vocabulary allows you to expand the scope of your writing. Let's face it, the real thrill of crafting a piece of fiction is when the story flows through you and you are able to capture in words, and purvey to the reader, exactly the circumstance or sentiment that is inside your head. This is the real challenge of writing for me and I revisit and rework my pieces over and over and over again. Nothing is ever perfect!

As for grammer, I have to say that I can barely make it through a few sentences if the grammer is poor and even a poor rythm to writing will put me off no end. It is an essential part of the craft. Having a good imagination is great for yourself but if you want to share your ideas with others you need to be able to communicate effectively.

Lastly, I for one do not read enough books. I am sure that this hampers my ability to write with an alluring style. Poorly read writers cannot grab their audience as well as those who have seen time and time again, through reading successful writers, how to make a text interesting to read, rather than a chore.

Edgar obviously has literary flair but not the conviction to apply himself to his talent. That is a shame and I hope that he realises that he is wasting a great gift if he doesn't spend time to nurture and cultivate it.
9/28/2005 c1 1mothling
How you could even doubt you are wrong about contradicting him, I don't know. We all make some mistakes, perhaps, in dialogue, but in writing 'she had took' is just...just fucking sad.

"and that he hasn’t gotten to that in school, saying he “hasn’t learned took/taken yet.” He is a native English speaker."

Damn, I hope he's not American. I am not overly fond of America's politicians, but still, you know, I'd like to think we aren't that stupid.

I completely agree about learning good grammar/spelling, and reading books. That's the only way I've learned to write at all (although, ironically, haven't posted any real stories here yet).
9/27/2005 c1 Kyle
In case anyone was wondering, the review below this one is "Edgar."

I didn't twist your words around; I could quote you if you like. I have every email. I could have quoted every thing you said. But I didn't want to go overboard with the quotations because this article was written because, after you had told me all those things, I had wondered whether what I thought were true. And so I wrote an article about it and it turns out that I was correct. I also didn't want to quote you because you sounded enormously stupid every time.

I was not out to prove you wrong. I was out to see whether I am right in saying that those things are important. If you are too much of a moron to see, which I am guessing you are, I said, "This was written not out of strife..." Now, considering your vocabulary is abysmal, then I'm guessing that you don't know what "strife" is. It means "anger."

And no, I took time out of writing my novella in order to write that. You know, just to see that I'm doing the right thing. You say I'm ignorant for doing that, and then you 'applaud' me. Right.

I read over it once and then I posted it on FP at 11:30 at night. And yet, it was still good.

My favorite:

"Your a great Editor... Your a good author too but you dont seem into actual fiction writing obsessed"

Other than that, you made a complete fool of yourself.

Sincerely,Kyle (a.k.a. that bitchy editor with the skirt and buttom down Express shirt)
9/26/2005 c1 5envy me
Well, what I find highly funny is that it seems like you twisted "Edgar's" words around. I dont think he said grammar doesn't matter and either does vocabulary... I think he said he doesnt care about it RIGHT NOW.. I think you (being the selfish, always right person you are) had to twist Sexy old Edgar's words around to make yourself even more right than you think you are.I also think your very ignorant for going to these measures just to prove one person that you've never seen face to face wrong. Obviously you have a little too much time on your hands... well it seems so...I also think that this was a very cold thing to do. First off, you twisted someones words around, second off you went too far to prove someone wrong, and third you were hateful when you had called this Edgar man hateful but really I think your the hateful one...Either you have too much time on your hands or you just have a lot of anger boiling inside of you...I suggest.. Kyle? is it? Well, I suggest that you seek physical help to help channel your anger... to help you stop being so sad all the time... too stop being so gay.. so much like a GIRL!well i have to go Kyle... I would like to compliment you on writing this "essay so good". I mean you really took (or is it taken) it to the next level.. i applaud you on taht... Really.. I do... I mean that...Your a great Editor... Your a good author too but you dont seem into actual fiction writing obsessed... you seem a little more into editing... hopefully you'll take a step back from that so you dont just end up an editor...But really.. you should really be an editor.. I think the editor of Star* would treat you good... Your very hatful and morbid when you think about it... maybe even sadistic... kind of like a BITCH... you could be that bitchy editor with the skirt and buttom down Express shirt... Hm...I have to go now...sincerelyme!
9/23/2005 c1 Emma
Anyone who says grammar and spelling aren't important just isn't a writer. They might be imaginative, they might think up good stories, but I'm thinking they're more suited to the verbal storytelling area.

The odd spelling/grammar mistake is okay. Sometimes it's a good thing to make grammatical errors, because it can add to the personality of the writing. But it takes a brilliant writer to do that and do it effectively.

By the way, the article itself is very well-written. Everything you write is better than what you wrote before, just like it should be.
9/23/2005 c1 Moonjava

Don't listen to Max Krugman. He's a real jerk. I've seen him post reviews that are insane. He likes to argue with people who he absolutely hates and enjoys putting them down. This includes any one who doesn't share the same beliefs as he does.

Just don't let him get under you're skin.
9/22/2005 c1 Kyle
Max Krugman, if you are serious, then you know absolutely nothing about writing. Any professional writer will tell you about grammar - and I never said anything about spelling. Writing = language = grammar + vocabulary. Simple. Seeing "has took" obviously says that he has bad grammar. Vocabulary - come on, if you don't have that, you're fucked. But checking your stories I can see that you follow grammar/spelling/punctuation well, and as your review has "rite" and "u" and "wat" then I could reasonably guess you are joking.
9/22/2005 c1 1Formerly
omg lolzzollaz lzols. lolz. how can u rite if u waste time on useless stuff like spelling and grammer. lolz. wat about the story. lolz. omg omg omg lolz. rotflmao. lolwtfbbq.
9/22/2005 c1 24Moonjava
OKay, I get what your saying.

I went through a phase for a really long time, where I honestly didn't remember why I started writing in the first place. I was writing for all the wrong reasons but something happened to me, and I don't do that any more. For me part of it was that I started writing so young and at the time I didn't have a lot of real life experiences (now I do.) Back then though I was a real snot when it came to writing.I see that happening a lot though with young writers, so I don't feel so weird or bad about it any more.I eventually moved on and learned from my own mistakes and now enjoy writing more then ever.

Unlike a lot of my friends I kept up with writing. I mean really stuck with it even during really bad times. I've all ways read books, and of course books on writing. Sometimes I just feel like giving up but I then remember why I started writing in the first place. I write to express my self and get things off my chest.I don't worry or think about being a famous published author any more. If it happens great. If not then I can live with it.

I got so many other things in life to be grateful for. To go by a 'what if' career. I still write and jot down ideas, characters, and etc. But I don't beat my self up though any more. If I'm not able to get a book published, even when I really try hard.

With this essay I didn't feel like you where a poser at all. I didn't see any words that where like out there reading wise. But if you are not willing to learn from others mistakes and make you're own. Then there could be some problems. I read because I like reading and learning other people's ideas. That's a huge part with writing.I know that I am a better writer and person then I was five years ago, and I know personally how much I have improved.Don't compare you're self to famous people. I did that and it drove me insane. You need to try and develop you're own style and practice.

Despite of what some published authors have said. I do believe there is such a thing as writer's block . Sometimes I'll go from months, to years not writing. Mostly because I am just too busy or depressed to continue on with it but whenever I come back to writing. It's like being with an old friend again and I remember how much I have improved.

I hope that this is somewhat helpful and that I didn't bore you to tears.

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