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3/26/2006 c1 42Anecdotes Of The Arcane
beautiful, touched my soul, you are an excellent poet, i think you're on my fave authors list. . . going to add you again just in case xD
3/8/2006 c1 Needa S
Very sincere. Great job putting this together.
1/2/2006 c1 Katies Purple Cat
Kat, I just re-read "Gather Me" ...I can't adequately tell you how touching that poem is...every time I read it.

blessings in the New Year, friend...Jim

Posted at my other site-wanted a record of it here... One of my othere reviewers actually posted this poem on her website. Amazing I had no idea how this would affect so many... ^..^
12/12/2005 c1 219Matthew James Current
Lovely work. A nice short piece full of emotion and meaning. It's good to hear from you again my friend, and thank you so much for your review. It is my honor and pleasure to be able to speak so that others might hear. And to help another is one of my greatest joys.

On a more review related note, I enjoyed the contex/content you added on to this piece so that your own personal meaning can be shown. Thanks again and please feel free to drop me a line or let me know if you have any requests or requested reviews.

G-d Bless!
12/5/2005 c1 20Pheobe Meryll
I love it. very touching and sweet.
11/15/2005 c1 2Liberated Storm
Wow - it's so simple but the power it holds is amazing. Those last lines... mighty powerful. I can see the whole scene taking place.

And you mastered this without launching into a long line of details.

Absolutely beautiful.
11/11/2005 c1 1SandwichPress
Wow, I really really like this poem. It conveys so much emotion, that dispite it being very short, it is very effective.
11/10/2005 c1 87youzi
very tender and poignant.. do keep writing :D
11/1/2005 c1 57JC-Saved-Me
Aww this is sweet but also sad cuz of your stepfather's childhood and how it affected your relationship with him. It's good and also the bible passage is good. I was reading the very same passage just the other day!

O and about my poem "See you", I think it would be so cool if you used it in your fan fiction, so ya have my permission :) Good idea! haha. God Bless, xRachx
10/30/2005 c1 maxnotevoltage
I love how honest this poem is. It's beautiful.. God bless - J.max
10/10/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Sincere and loving.
9/24/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
So sad when that cycle keeps going, and people don't get what they need from their parents, only because the parents didn't either. Very nice job on this, though.
9/22/2005 c1 mistressKC
I pray for you and that the best is still to come from God.
9/22/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Aw... so sweet~~ heartfelt poems to plp you love always brings out the best in you~~ good work!

keep writing!

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