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5/30/2012 c23 Afan
That was a good read. I so enjoyed Chii and Ryuu's love story and eventually Neho and Remy's as well. I did so love the characters and their "conversations" with each other, witty, fun and sweet.
5/24/2012 c12 Afan
The interactions between Chii and Ryuu are sweet and wonderful to read.
2/26/2012 c5 4checkerboardom
One question where'd you get the japanese translations or do you jus know japanese. I'm writing a story where one of my character's tend to mix his japanese and english but I can only figure out how to translate english into japanese charater.
2/22/2010 c23 3PyroTech
I liked your story very much and enjoyed the Japanese words and sentences in it, though I knew what most said already. Still I learned a few new sentences lol ^^
2/19/2010 c3 PyroTech
This is really good so far. Gotta go for now, but I shall return and read the rest later
4/29/2007 c1 anon

I was 'walking' through fictionpress and i saw this story "crimson rain" and i thought to myself 'hmm that's so familiar, let's check it out'. It happened to be a story i was following a long time ago and i was like "OMGosh i rememz this". I checked out your profile too and realised you also wrote Mitsukai Uta (another story i fell inlove with) and i was so spun out that it you wrote both stories!

... ok just to get to the point hahaha I LOVE YOUR STORIES! well the two that i've read i fell inlove with the plot and everything. I've always read yaoi for the story plots and my gawd your stories rock at them! Just wanted to commend you on your creativity and your dedication to writing, keep goin! ur doing a really good job. im about to read gatekeeper ^^ cant wait
3/5/2007 c23 19Lavender-Drop
This was really adorable! I LOVED it! It was a really interesting concept, the only thing that makes me sad, is, although I really like the Remy Neho combo, I wish the last chapter had a little of Ryuu and Kasu. The arguments were really cute too! Love the one in the clothing store. The dialog was hard to follow at time, they switched topics to readily, and some of the time you had no idea why the other person got angry… BUT I REALLY, REALLY (TOTEMO, TOTEMO much) liked this story! Thank you for writing it!
I loved it, and I loved the story...that was really good. What story are you going to focus on next?
yay! you finally updated! I think the two relationships are so adorable. I can't wait for more and hopefully both couples find happiness. Update soon!
2/9/2007 c21 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
12/11/2006 c21 NOLONGERPOSTING
Yay! The story has been updated! CAn't wait for more, so please please please update soon!
10/31/2006 c20 NOLONGERPOSTING
love it love it love it love it love it! I want more more more more more and soon! You haven't updated this story in forever, so here I am to kick you back into gear...don't you dare stop writing this story!
6/3/2006 c20 Midnights Scream
Neho's really cute.he he.I loved to read about him arguing with Remy. Remy's very persistant I like that.Good story and keep it up
5/21/2006 c19 Lumaria Faye
This was so cute! Ryuu and Chii are so cute! Hope you update!
5/12/2006 c19 33Aurora Barrett
haha thank you for the explanation, however difficult it may have been to explain... it definitely makes more sense now than it did before! lol

However... i'm still a lil confused... but i'll give it a few more chappies before I ask for any more explanations! haha

As for your question, I like this little side story... but don't neglect Chii and Ryuu while you're in the other story... kinda bounce back and forth? idk... sumthin like that - like u did with this one, where u had a lil of each

I'm glad to see that this artificial link from Baccus to Chii has finally been removed! I may have missed it, but did u explain HOW it was removed? j/w ok... i think i've bugged you enough for this chapter! hahaha sry i have so many questions!

I hope you're able to update soon!

}i{ Aurora }i{
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