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5/9/2006 c19 Midnights Scream
he he he.That was so good.Keep it up I love it!
5/4/2006 c19 2Jayn
I want Neho/Remy cuteness! lol. I just love it when I read cute scenes like that. Makes me all happy and warm inside. lol. I can't wait to read more! PLEASE update!
5/4/2006 c19 4Never.Forgetten.Rememberance
I like the end of this chapter, lol. In my opinion, it would be interesting to see what happens between Remy and Neho so I think you should include it, but I guess it really depends on what the others think too, huh?Can't wait for the next chapter so, update again soon, kay?
4/29/2006 c18 12Kurohane Shizumi
Hello! I'm reviewing for what's been posted. I love it! Your plot line is WACKED. But that's why I love it. ^_^I love Ni-chan! Ryuu's all bouncy! Kyaa!
4/28/2006 c18 2Jayn
YES! I HAVE CAUGHT UP! I feel bad. I took me forever to find this story again. *sheepish grin* But I'm here now. ^_^ GREAT couple of chapters. I really enjoyed reading them all! I'm so happy that Ryuu has saved Chii. I want Baccus to be punished but I don't know if I want Jun hurt by his death. I hope they bind and Jun is Dom. Won't that be interesting. Heh heh heh. But yeah, they should be punished becuase they are both bad. PLEASE update! ^-^
4/20/2006 c18 33Aurora Barrett
omgoodness! I'm so sorry I haven't been on in weeks! I haven't forgotten about you, I swear!

Ok, so like... I'm SO excited at where you're taking this! I wasn't expecting it in the least! But I don't get one thing - Is Ryuu still linked to Baccus? And what does everyone mean by Ryuu and Chiniiro's link being incomplete? I guess I don't fully understand the whole "link" concept...?

Okies, well... like... omgosh! I can't wait to read more, as always!


}i{ Aurora }i{
4/16/2006 c18 NOTPOSTING
YES! *jumps around in happy happiness!* Yes! it's all I can say...please update soon!
4/2/2006 c17 NOTPOSTING
much better...and this chapter was not boring as you thought it would be. I loved it and am looking forward to Chii waking up again and also looking forward to when Ryuu tries to move the collar...seems like it would be interesting. Update soon!
3/24/2006 c6 4kamikaze-chick-minuet
Hey chicka! Sorry i haven't been on in a while, being a senior is hard work, also now i actually have a job. I've missed reading your stories and ive just read the entire story up to chapter six again. I've been too anxious to read the next chapter to leave a review. It's good to be back. Love ya tons, KCM!
3/21/2006 c16 33Aurora Barrett
You so have me hooked on this story! I can't understnad why it's not popular! It's easy to follow (i certainly can't say that about all the stories I've read) and it's not dry - things are always changing, moving, going forward - movement is promising! And one of the most important, you foreshadow, but not to the point that almost every word is predictable, and I appreciate that a lot! So if u ask me, this should be a very popular story, because it's incredibly well written.

}i{ Aurora }i{
3/20/2006 c16 NOTPOSTING
yay! they are married, so cute! Could you explain the whole Dom/Sub thing because it's confusing! Update soon!
3/20/2006 c15 NOTPOSTING
hey, this is Lunisa Moon, different name...but hey, thanks for explaining. I love the two's interaction, they are so cute, and I'm just guessing that the something Ryuu lost was his heart to Chii, and Chii will find that out soon enough...I just hope that it'll be a while before the meanies show up again! Update really really soon!
3/14/2006 c15 Aurora Barrett
I'm sorry you don't feel the story is that popular! and sorry i told u twice _ sometimes i forget what i've said and what i've thought...

I like the turn this has taken, and I thought it to be rather amusing how sharp they were to each other as well. it made me giggle to myself... haha too bad i'm reading this during clas and have to look devoid of emotion while i'm reading it!

}i{ Aurora }i{
3/13/2006 c14 NOTPOSTING
YAY! Update, confusing chapter...did Ryuu kill because he's so connected to Chii, or is it because Chii is so connected to Ryuu that Chii killed? And, you can kill all the bad guys you want, just as long as Baccus dies a long horrible painful death! mwah-ha-ha! Update soon!
3/13/2006 c14 Aurora Barrett
Did I tell you referred your story to a friend? Told her I loved her it, gave a mini-synopsis of what had happened so far... and she said she'd find it and read it! anyway... sad to see they've killed, bt obviously the link is getting stronger, no? It's almost unnerving not to hear from Baccus in a chapter... Keeps me coming back!

Keep up the good work and don't let your chapters get too short =P

}i{ Aurora }i{
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