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2/28/2006 c13 33Aurora Barrett
I wanted to tell you I'm enjoying this story immensely and I've even suggested it to a friend of mine. I can't wait to see what else there is to happen, and I must commend you on being one of the first stories I/ve read in recent times that has a good plot and decent grammar/spelling as well! It excites me! haha

Please keep up the good work! and thanks so much for the translations at the end of every chapter - it's VERY appreciated!

}i{ Aurora }i{
I loved this chapter...so cute...kill Baccus...let me at him, let me at him!...well, hopefully you won't keep me waiting too long. Update soon as possible!
sigh, i hope you kill Baccus is as cruel a death as you can devise...and I know you can devise one quite well. oh, and of course I enjoyed this chapter, hopefully, Chii can start trusting Ryuu because they belong together...well...UPDATE SOON! As in...as soon as you get this...:)
Oh, I definately loved the new chapter...so Chi is turning into a vampire, B is losing the link and Ryuu is continuing to destroy the link while becoming further entangled in the link the longer he's with his lover...great plot, love the story line, and hopefully you don't take as much time this time to update because I eagerly await a new chapter!
2/13/2006 c11 afihim1983
i really do love this story keep writing it plz
Wonderful! Keep writing!
12/30/2005 c8 2Jayn
Well, you update ( YAY ) and I review! And even though I'm reading the words and everything, I cant prounouce the words to save my soul. Lol.

Poor Chiniiro! Everything will be alright, right? I hope they both end up together and happy! PLEASE Update soon!
12/28/2005 c7 Jayn
Heh heh. I like learning Japanese in your writing. Lol. PLEASE Update soon! CUTE chapter, btw.
12/18/2005 c6 Jayn
Very interesting story. PLEASE update soon!
great job! Update soon!
12/5/2005 c4 7Maris. S
Maa ne! Tottemo sugoi! Dai suki! ^^ I really like this story ne. Except for Baccus.. evil *mumbling censored words* Demo saa demo saa, I'm glad that Ryuu and Chiniiro's relationship is getting better. They're cuddling! Yatta! Tottemo KAWAII NEE! *excited fan-girl giggle* Nee nee, update soon? Doumou arigatou gozaimashita yo nee!
12/4/2005 c1 Maris. S
I likey likey so far! I'm going to read the rest of what you have because I have to go now. But I promise I wilL!
great as always...this time don't take forever updating!
Thank you...this is why I like author alerts because I don't have to continually check up on you. Instead, when you've finished writing and posting, I get a nice little email letting me know that you have done so and it brings me directly to the new page and I can read quite happily. Thanks for updating and update sooner this time!
10/6/2005 c2 4kamikaze-chick-minuet
WOW! I like this story please continue...PLEASE!
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