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12/16/2006 c4 soliloquist
Hmm...very nice...but you haven't updated for more than a year. I honestly can't belive that someone could write two brilliant stories and then leave the third one unfinished.

At the start you said you write if we review- this is a review- so start writing.


Don't try and tell me that you haven't got an ideas- you have so much foreshadowing that I could practically write the rest of the story myself...if only I knew what caused the tremor(s).

I like Kit...if you do write more, write from his point of view. And my earlier threat still applies...so beware.

7/24/2006 c1 heryseshta
Good story! I just went around reading all the prequels, and then came to this finished one. I hope you decide to finish it! It is very well written and organized. Good job.
12/26/2005 c1 73An Inside Joke
A boy!

I like Kit's sister's musings at the beginning, it's nice to see perspectives from outsiders in this sort of story.

Even with all the info you've got packed into this story, I might need to re-read the other one just to refresh my memory enough to make sense of half of what they said. Yay for Aria and Shadow, though!
10/27/2005 c4 Lily Pierce
Well, it took far too long, but I'm here and I read all four chapters in one sitting (at school)! *grins* Kit's really, really gorgeous now. Amazingly so. I think I'm madly in love with him. Or I at least have a huge crush on him, anyway. His sister and her friend amuse me as well, and it'll be interesting if they do end up becoming gossips. And yay, Aria and Shadow are getting married, and Pyr was seen, and Sarah, and Stormwing! Not to mention... PERKZILLA! *beams* This is pretty much the best series ever. Please, please update soon, and I'll try to read it far sooner this time. *takes another moment to marvel over the glory that is Kit before pushing the 'submit' button*
10/20/2005 c4 4Phoenix Wing
Lovely. I enjoyed it very, very much. Perkzilla once again made me laugh. I like Lara's POV. Quite interesting it is seeing it from an outsider's view, but will that be for very long? *raises brow mysteriously* Hm...I'll just have to wait until the next chapter I suppose.
10/19/2005 c4 11Wolfie Star26
sorry I didn't review the last chapter, I know I read it, I just don't know why I didn't review.

"The rest of you might want to start getting a feel for the lie of the land." Lie? Isn't lie like 'She made up an elaborate lie to tell her parents when she went to a aprty instead of going to her friends to study.' Shouldn't lie become lay?

We all know it was Kit and we all know the first person with chris was Aria and that the silver was Shadow and the silver with Kit was Sarah. Haha, I never get sick of reading perkzilla's parts.

Your doing an awesome job as usual. Keep up the great work and update soon.
10/19/2005 c4 alexei04
wow. Another great chapter! So, Lara (I love that name btw) might become chain? cool beans! I love your attentiobn to detail. I also loved how you had the girl tell about the mysterious silvers. I really can't wait until you put up another chapter!
10/19/2005 c4 31Mya von Dor
Oh, interesting! It's interesting to see the camp for what it's supposed to be. But water purifier? Couldn't they just boil the water? And really, couldn't they just take it from a nearby stream? If it's far enough away from things, they wouldn't really have to worry about contamination...especially with all the magic around...but maybe that's just me, I dunno. Anyway, good chapter! I can't wait for the guardians to all get together again!
10/18/2005 c4 2Casey Drake
ha ha ha. that would be Premonition. don't mix them up, even if you ARE a word mage.

oo... Are Jenna and Lara going to go try and find the "Silvers"? I wouldn't be surprised... I can imagine them walking in on a Gossip Queen crowning or something, or finding the waterfall-door and running into Stormwing, and saying "WHAT the HECK!" *laughs*

:) CD
10/14/2005 c3 4Phoenix Wing
-mock-gasps- Lol. Of course I must giggle helplessly at the returning mention of Perkzilla...and then clap for Pyr. I love food, but he would be disappointed at my house. There's a chronic "have no food" thing at my dad's house...I have recently discovered that I am a pyromaniac, and I get it from my grandfather buying illegal fireworks in another state (over $300 worth, too (and the police were called the year before)). I'm so peppy today...good chapter. I must uncover chocolate now.
10/14/2005 c3 alexei04
wow. Great chapter. You captured my attention right away and I loved it! I loved the "survey to death" part. It was hilarious. I cannot wait until your next chapter! Oh yeah! I don't think I've thanked you enough for starting a new story in this series! So, THANK YOU!
10/13/2005 c3 2Casey Drake
hmm... surveying to death... I'll keep that in mind in case I need it. with your permission?

I love Kit's mind. He is HILARIOUS! *is laughing*

:) CD
10/12/2005 c1 2Callie Rose
Ughs...I'm so mad at myself...this is callie btw. I need to go finish Fate and Fire i got off track on that one. me bad... very bad...

I shall finish it sometime then come and read this...Life goal! oh yes!


Oh and Chelsea and I decided on a wood to replace all swearwords...Merlin. lol.
10/12/2005 c3 31Mya von Dor
oohh, interesting! It'll be nice to see them all together again! Oh, say, how long has passed between books, anyway? I'm getting confused, and while I could probably go back and read previous chapers and stuff and figure it out, I really need to do homework, so I'm hoping you can tell me and save me the trouble. :) Anyway, good chapter!
10/2/2005 c2 11Wolfie Star26
Great chapter as usual. I can't wait to see how Kit's sister and his sisters friend have to do with the plot. I'm so glad that Aria is finally getting married to Shadow. It took to long in my opinion. I do also hope she has a slighter bigger role then she did in the last story. If you can't tell already she's my favorite character. Don't as me why because I have no clue.

Neways, keep up the great work and update soon.

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