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for My Wings

12/7/2005 c1 20sloppy firsts
each line is like a soft prayer.

keep writing~
11/6/2005 c1 60Rosanna28
This is just so beautiful! I love how you did this and it's going on my favs!

Much love, Rosanna.
10/6/2005 c1 442CeruleanHeart
Aw, this is so sweet! It's one of those things you'd see in a hallmark card, only lacking the tackiness of one! Teehee! Very adorable poem! Super deep, and the italicized/underlined/bolded letters really make a difference when reading! Seriously, it's as if Hallmark started putting cool poems in their cards! Teehee! Awesome job! Keep writing!
9/29/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
very cool format.. I like it a lot
9/26/2005 c1 14kit feral
Aw, that's so cute! My favorite line is "Because I'll be your v o i c eWhen you s i n g" because it's just so nice! (Nice? Ew. Sorry. It's way better than that, I just can't think today. Headache. But, really, it's way better than nice.) And I love all the font play- fonts are so fun. It's such a simple message, but you protrayed it beautifully. It's art, pure art. Great work, it's really pretty. Keep writing! ^.^
9/25/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
short sweet and cute. its unresistable for its short context and just so adorable in message. the eye cetching format just attracts and over all the word use is gorgeously effective. love it.

~* noelle
9/23/2005 c1 Kissless Goodbye
I wasn't sure about this, but i loved the variation in the italics and the bold. I really love it when people use fonts to add effect.
9/23/2005 c1 1s m e l l . o f . r a i n
Interesting. I like the layout, and the ideas. =) Cute. ^^
9/23/2005 c1 72The-Original-Neko
short and sweat great

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