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for Wisked Away

10/7/2005 c1 4XxShatteredxKerryxX
that...was deep.i really liked it.i dont know how to describe why i liked it but...i did.good job.
10/2/2005 c1 christina
wow kris! you're such a good authoress (sp?) get published. this story was so sad but i can sympathize with it. sometimes we have things that change for the worse but we don't want to leave it becuz there's always that hope that it'll get better. maybe we think that this has got to be the lowest of low and it can't get any worse - the only way is up. so we don't do anything about it. and also, somewhere we still love the thing that it used to be. live in the past instead of the now. great job portaying that. keep up the good work.

~love you always~~your sis~~chris~
10/1/2005 c1 2miss understanding
Wow that was sad. The boyfriend...the evil boyfriend. I can't believe that he went so cruel so quickly. It must have been murder on her poor heart. The detail was good, but you should probably break up those large chunks into smaller paragraphs so it will be easier to read. The ending was so powerful. It was like she chose the perfect way to end her not-so-perfect life. *sob*
9/24/2005 c1 Taco Bell
Very nice, very good, very interesting. i like the last sentence, leaves u with a last breathe. *clap clap*

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