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for Playing God With String

3/27/2006 c1 Skeeter the Groundhog
you probably recognize my name; I am writing "Pirate's Life for Me". first of all, i wanted to thank you for taking the time and reviewing my work. i really needed some constructive criticism and you provided just what i need. at first i was a little defensive of my writing, but then i looked back on my story with a new pair of eyes and realized that it is a bit cliche in some areas and i can do better than that. it's just one of the glories in life- things get better. and you're right about things coming out of no where. but don't worry things are going to settle down a bit...sort of. and don't worry, joel's not a prince; but she's something special.so i really really really thank you for pointing out the obvious areas. i've thought this story out and i know where i want to it go, and some parts are just sort of cliche, but i have my heart set on it. i'll try to de-cliche it as i go.but more on your poem- after all, this is a review for you. i've figured that if someone takes the time and review for me that i ought to return the favor.i absolutely agree with you on the "smaller the dog, the bigger the personality" theory. i have a fuzzy, white poodle, minus the disgusting poodle cut (he's just fuzzy all over) and he has so much character and is absolutely insane. i swear, he thinks he's one big dog...sure does act like one. i really liked the way you captured the way the puppy stared at the string- it just reminded me of my pooch.well, thank you very much for reviewing and excellent job writing. keep it up!happy writing,Skeeter the Groundhog
9/25/2005 c1 87youzi
interesting topic, and pretty well handled. keep writing =D
9/24/2005 c1 74lacking motivation
cute and it works for cats too.
9/24/2005 c1 1AmbroseMaximilien
I love this poem. Although it's short and simple I feel as if there is a deeper meaning to it.

Keep it up! ^-^

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