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for Kiddie Porn Stories and Internet Censorship

8/3/2018 c1 Guest
Bad arguments. Stories don't make people do anything if they did this world would have fallen to into chaos shortly after the first violent sex story was published which was a day or two after printing presses became widely available.
The right left have been trying to link speech to action for hundreds of years but there is no evidence. There is evidence that porn actually reduces the amount of sex crimes that get committed and since sex crimes like all violent crime have been on the decline for decades their more evidence of that than the other.
5/6/2018 c2 Guest
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4/2/2018 c1 Guest
My 10 year. old niece. was dped. of 2 school. teachers
10/27/2017 c1 tom
stories pedo
12/2/2005 c1 1mothling
...Thought provoking, well written.
10/2/2005 c1 on mercury
Most ordinary people who accidentally stumble across the websites you were describing in the third paragraph would not read the stories for "curosity's sake" because most people realise that that kind of thing is really, really sick. Even if they were looking for sex stories anyway. It would be even less likely that they would become "suddenly addicted to child porn" as well...

That part aside, censorship is an extremely sticky, grey issue which, like Max K said, is hard to put into law because then it could open doors for the banning of other things. So I don't really think you can do much more than continue to fight child porn rings on the internet. Television is just as readily available as internet nowadays, but I think that people expect that kind of thing on the internet and are careful to inform their children, but with television you've got a kind of comfort in the back of your head that there is no child porn on television, and a very limited amount of "normal" porn. (although there is nothing normal about those models...but to each their own i guess). I guess television has traditionally been more regulated because there are many more families that own televisions rather than the internet (only around half of American families have access to the internet), and maybe TV is seen more as the centre of entertainment in the house? But anyway, I don't see what you could do to change the current rules that would be agreeable to most parties.

9/28/2005 c1 1Formerly
Kiddie porn stories are possibly the most disgusting thing available on the internet. However, if you decide to censor them, you cross a dangerous line. Technically, the authors and readers haven't really done anything wrong. Advocating one form of unreasonable censorship opens the door for others. The next step is banning all porn, and then things that involve blatant sexuality but are not necessarily pornographic, then topless scenes in movies, and so on, until we're basically fucked.
9/27/2005 c1 15No Trust
It is the responsibility of parents to defend their own children. If a parent fails to protect their child, then the kid’s going to get what it’s going to get. Deserve has got nothing to do with it.

Philosophizing over what “the law” should be is a waste of time at best.
9/26/2005 c1 7aestuum
this is a very well written essay and you present your ideas and knowledge about the subject very well. Was this written for school or something or just an essay that you wrote on your own time?

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