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9/29/2005 c1 33TaraC
Let me tell you, hands down, I absolutely love this. It flowed so well and I felt you in every line; it's like your situation is so real..and you've made it flow so fucking amazingly twisted...especially the last lines.
9/29/2005 c1 38SassyLil'Thunderstorm
I think that was a pretty ignorant comment...If you had taken the time to pay attention to what the using of "Diddle-diddle" was for, you wouldnt have said that. It was a clever way to abstain from using the word fuck. She's saying dont fuck with her like she literally fucked herself when she thought she couldn't be seen. Do you see cursing as something more mature than finding a better way to convey your opinions?


Anyway...Good job girl, This was a good way to hit the poetry scene again. Welcome back...
9/29/2005 c1 10Frostee05
THAT WAS EXCELLENT. I know what you going through. I'm in college and got my roommate and although he's not as bad he pisses me OFF. He be going to Wal-Mart and don't think to ask me even if I say I need something. He got sick and had a cup of spit he used and kept it on his desk for DAYS! He hit it on the nail because while I'm up in here trying to study he be out partying till 8 in the morning! Soon I'll be "Living Without HIM"! Anyway great works I LOVE your poems!
9/29/2005 c1 16Hannah-Hellion
I don't like the use of 'diddle-diddle' or whatever that is and other childish uses of such words like 'boo-hoo' and things.. other than that I liked the poem a lot, though maybe you should give your roomie a break, you've got to have fun some of the time.

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